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Is There Another Holocaust Denier In the House?

As we discussed, the 9-11 Accountability Conference now includes this statement on its website:

As a result of the controversy surrounding Eric D. Williams, he has stepped down from involvement in the 9/11 Accountability Conference. The 911 Accountability Conference does not support Holocaust denial, nor does the 9/11 Truth Movement. No other speaker listed here is known to have published works related to the Holocaust.

I'm not ready yet to name names because the website where this is found is questionable, but what would you make of someone who apparently wrote this? (Selected portions bolded):

However one feels about Green's perspective, and whatever the facts about WWII, it seems tragic that systematic Zionist Big Lies (we just want a homeland, not our own state; the Arabs started it; it was a land without people for a people without land; the Germans hated Jews for no reason whatsoever, just like the Arabs do now; the Palestinians left voluntarily in 1948 under orders of the Nazi Mufti of Jerusalem; most of the so-called Palestinians were not really from Palestine; the Arabs started the 1967 war; allegations of disproportionate Jewish influence in the American academic, media and financial sectors are false and anti-Semitic; the attack on the Liberty was a mistake; the Iraq war is about democracy or Saddam or US security or Peak Oil or anything except Israel, etc. etc.) have cast legitimate doubt upon ANYTHING Jews say about Jews and their recent history, including the Holocaust. As a rational person who is not a specialist in the subject of WWII, but who has studied the history of Zionist Big Lies vis-a-vis Palestine, I cannot possibly dismiss the arguments of people like Green, Irving, and even Zundel. And even if the 6-million-deliberately-murdered-for-purely-ethnic-reasons figure is correct--which it very well may be; I have grown agnostic on that after studying the Big Lies of Zionism-- I would still have to characterize the Holocaust as it is taught in the US as a hideously destructive myth. (A myth is a sacred, worldview-inaugurating story its users believe to be true.)

The upshot: nobody in the debate should be boycotted or vilified; nobody should be arrested for expressing honestly-held opinions; all voices should be heard; and the destructive myths and mind-numbing censorship imposed by Zionism must be swept clean so an honest assessment of history can emerge--at which point the Holocaust revisionists may very well be proven incorrect. And even if they are, they obviously should not be harassed or vilified, much less jailed!!

In the meantime, voices like Green and AFPN should be heard and subjected to rational criticism, not vilified or silenced. And the use of state power to enforce Holocaust Fundamentalism must end!

If that's not Holocaust Denial, it's at least its cousin. I have done just enough research on this to conclude that there is good reason to believe that this may have been written by one of the shining lights of 9-11 Denial, who is scheduled to speak at the 9-11 Accountability Conference. As for the gentlemen being defended, reading from left to right: Mark Green, David Irving, and Ernst Zundel. Holocaust deniers all.

I'm just going to put this out there for now; perhaps somebody at TruthMove would like to "break" this story? We'll revisit it in a couple of days after I've done some more research if the movement does not police itself.

BTW, thanks to a reader who pointed this out. I won't name the source for now for obvious reasons.

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At 04 February, 2007 13:55, Blogger shawn said...

It's Holocaust denial.

Calling the Holocaust a myth is denial. Period.

At 04 February, 2007 14:22, Blogger James B. said...

No other speaker listed here is known to have published works related to the Holocaust.

Of course they are ignoring the fact that the controversy over this guy was not merely that he published works "related to the Holocaust".

At 04 February, 2007 14:59, Anonymous Anonymous said...
9/11 Blogger Watch (02/04)

At 04 February, 2007 17:14, Blogger troy said...

Thanks for the link Mr. Haupt. You're a super duper, swell guy. A true patriot. A great human being. I could go on and on.

At 04 February, 2007 20:17, Blogger Chris Womak said...

Viva Ernst Zundel.

As I said in my widely read essay "Why do people question the holocaust?"

"People question the holocaust for exactly the same reason they are currently questioning the official version of what really happened on 9-11, because there are so many legitimate questions, and no forthcoming answers."

At 04 February, 2007 20:39, Blogger Mark said...

Viva Ernst Zundel, one of the most prominent white-supremacist neo-Nazis? Are you mentally ill?

Ernst Zundel:

"Wherever we look, we White people find ourselves besieged by peoples of other races who compete aggressively against us for jobs, food, housing, education and above all -- power! The Jews are particularly adept at seizing or insinuating themselves into strategic positions in our society where they wield power far beyond the extent of their numbers....Through us, the White majority of Europe and America, the Jewish minority have obtained their advantages, including their Israel, their Federal Reserve, their World Bank and their International Monetary Fund. In exchange for these advantages, the Jews give us -- their White hosts -- wars, depressions, inflation, unemployment, energy shortages, higher and higher taxes and air piracy. Like sheep, they expect us to go down the road with them -- all the way to the kosher slaughterhouse. We White people of America have done nothing so far which would frustrate the Jews' expectations or their ambitions of becoming the world's slavemasters."

Do you support these views, Mr. Womak?

At 04 February, 2007 20:59, Blogger BG said...

From 911blogger:

Researcher Nico Haupt Caught Committing Hate Crime Against Church in NYC

I disagree with the idea of categorizing and using the term hate crime. I would argue against the logic which legislatures have used to pass hate crime legislation.

However, if the allegations are true, I would welcome them as showing the lack of civility that Haupt is willing to maintain.

At 04 February, 2007 22:43, Anonymous Anonymous said...
February 5, 2007
John Albanese claims anti-Nazi Satire was "Hate Crime"

By ewing2001

John Albanese claims anti-Nazi Satire was "Hate Crime"

9/11 stalker Albanese seeks fascist allies in jihad on researchers

John Albanese, a semi-literate Manhattan man, is pressuring local prosecutors to jail a 9/11 researcher who distributed anti-Nazi literature at a recent meeting.

NY911truth co-founder Nico Haupt handed out anti-Nazi literature at a Jan. 21 meeting of the organization.

Disturbed by the anti-Nazi literature, Albanese now seeks a fascist prosecutor to jail Mr. Haupt for "hate crimes." "Hate crime" laws are of course anti-=American and contrary to the Bill of Rights. It is an idea from the dystopian totalitarian of George Orwell...

see also
9/11 Truthling Cult Infiltration Watch:
How Tom Weiss (UpfrontNews) is sabotaging/bandwagoning a coup d'etat concept at ny911truth
By ewing2001
December 4, 2006
ny911truth BizarroGate: Pressure on Urantia-Jamieson increased with NYPD Intel Unit
showing up and Protest by ex-Realian
December 11, 2006


(the real reason why Albanese created a "legal defense club: is to stop a TV event between Jamieson and Nico Haupt about Urantia Org:


ny911-OSS-UrantiaGate: Jamieson refuses to accept TV Invitation since 3 days

By ewing2001

picked up at:
Sunday February 4, 2007

Jamieson ignores TV Invitation since 3 days and supports instead Albanese "Legal Fund"
On Thursday, February 1st, Paula Gloria (host of local TV show " Farther Down the Rabbit Hole" invited bith Jamieson and Haupt to talk about Urantia Organisation on her show.
So far Jamieson refused to accept this invitation.

see also

Les Jamieson, Confirmed Urantia Member? (01/27)

(Photo: Urantia meeting Jan 2004. Ft. Lee, NJ., with Les Jamieson in the back)

Harold Channer (MNN), who refused to respond on a TV Interview project
with Jamieson vs. Haupt is himself linked to Urantia
via guest Paranormal Researcher Nick Gurto
(President/National Outreach Committee URANTIA BOOK Society of Greater New York =UBSGNY),%2011-18-05.htm

Les Jamieson is also webdesigner (Dec 2006) for aka (Interfaith Council of Greater New York), linked to Urantia.

Last reported contacts of Neal Waldrop (NSA) and Urantia in 2006:

March 2006:
Chinese Translations
"....Trustee Emeritus Neal Waldrop. Neal has been interested in the future of the teachings in China ever since he began full-time study of Mandarin Chinese in September 1978. He wrote the dialogue in March 2006 in co­operation with Associate Trustee Sue Tennant, who has helped raise funds to support the work..." ...

November 2006:
"...Many people
were present for this momentous occa-
sion: regular Trustees, Seppo Kanerva,
Georges Michelson Dupont, Richard
Keeler, Mo Siegel and Gard Jamieson,
Trustees Emeritus, Neal Waldrop and
Associate Trustees Nancy Shaffer,.."

Last reported contacts of Neal Waldrop (NSA) and Urantia in 2007:
Trustees Emeriti:
Patricia Mundelius
Neal Waldrop ...

see also
NYC: 3 Local TV Hosts block decision on TV Debate ny911-Jamieson vs. Haupt reg. Urantia
ny911-Les Jamieson's OSS-UrantiaGate, now also infiltrating CampusPress

By ewing2001
ny911-Les Jamieson's OSS-Urantia now also infiltrating CampusPress
January 26, 2007

Les Jamieson,, at an Urantia Meeting:

"...After September 11, fundamentalism cannot be ignored. It must be dealt with. Suppressing it doesn’t work. Secular means of dealing with fundamentalists, such as military solutions, only confirm their fears of annihilation. Exploiting fundamentalists doesn’t work. We see this in the earlier support of Bin Laden coming back to haunt us..."

(Photo: Les Jamieson, with Urantia Members '05


picked up at:
Suspend your disbelief
Urantia book club provokes questions on a cosmological scale

(see also
A Urantia, 9/ & CIA Mind Control Technology Development Timeline
The OSS-Tavistock MindControl Cult- 9/11 Truthling Infiltration Timeline
by Nico Haupt aka ewing2001 (December 28, 2006)
(italian version)

see also
Urantiagate ny911- Geo: "The religious 'Juden'"
...St. Marks 911 Truth: CRITIQUE AND CARICATURE OF THE RELIGIOUS "JUDEN" Rigid, fragile belief system, nostalgia for a Juden state, strict literalists, "They seek to preserve culture as it was, rather than modify it to modern times" Brought to you by the Leader of St. Marks, 911 Truth, NYC

(Photo: Les Jamieson with Urantia, Cape Town South Africa)

At 04 February, 2007 22:55, Blogger Sword of Truth said...

I disagree with the idea of categorizing and using the term hate crime. I would argue against the logic which legislatures have used to pass hate crime legislation.

Such legislation is a severe constriction on people like you, isn't it BG?

However, if the allegations are true, I would welcome them as showing the lack of civility that Haupt is willing to maintain.

These hypocritical calls for civility by admitted racists and religious bigots used to be amusing in thier irony. Now they are just tired and pathetic.

Give it up, Bill.

At 05 February, 2007 02:31, Blogger ewing2001 said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 05 February, 2007 04:00, Blogger BG said...

Such legislation is a severe constriction on people like you, isn't it BG?

Exactly what are you saying.

I feel no constriction. I have not committed any act that would fall under a hate crime definition.

My objection is anti-tyranny. It also has to do with the "slippery slope" of where one stops and what criteria one uses to defining "groups". Is it religious minorities, or any religious group. Is is just gays, or can heterosexuals be victims of hate crimes.

The idea that we can know a perps' state of mind, and intent as being about hate and hate against a class of people is misguided.

At 05 February, 2007 05:07, Blogger Dean Malenko Eats Dogs said...

You really should see somebody about your multiple personality disorder, ewing. Preferably a good psychiatrist.

At 05 February, 2007 08:12, Blogger BG said...

Dean Malenko Eats Dogs said...

You really should see somebody about your multiple personality disorder, ewing. Preferably a good psychiatrist.

Don't feed the troll.....

At 05 February, 2007 09:31, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ewing2001 said...05 February, 2007 02:31 is the same imposter IPed

These are all attempts to protect Jamieson and Albanese.

My IP is linked to my own blogs at etc..

At 05 February, 2007 09:32, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bg aka Bill Giltner is just jealous that he couldn't survive in our group at InsideJobbers Yahoo and now sees the chance to backstab *me*.

At 05 February, 2007 09:36, Blogger Sword of Truth said...

Exactly what are you saying.


Bill... you are a racist.

Racists like yourself typically dislike hate crimes legislation because it makes a specific point of prohibiting you from carrying your hatreds to thier logical conclusion.

I'm disappointed but unsuprised that I have to draw a picture like this for you.

Don't feed the troll.....

We talk to you, don't we?

At 05 February, 2007 09:44, Blogger Sword of Truth said...

Bg aka Bill Giltner is just jealous that he couldn't survive in our group at InsideJobbers Yahoo and now sees the chance to backstab *me*.

The paranoid have no friends, just people who aren't out to get them yet.

At 05 February, 2007 11:14, Blogger BG said...

Bill... you are a racist.

No way am I a racist.

At 05 February, 2007 11:35, Blogger ewing2001 said...

"racist" is overstating Bill's case.

At 05 February, 2007 11:44, Blogger Sword of Truth said...

Bill, to the extent that jews are often considered an ethnic group as well as religious, you are malignantly racist.

At 05 February, 2007 18:05, Blogger shawn said...

"Why do people question the holocaust?"

Because they allow ideology instead of evidence to make their conclusions.

At 06 February, 2007 07:50, Blogger John Samhain said...

Holocaust "denial". A bit like "denying the holy spirit".

I doubt you fail to see the religious connection of a word such as denial. That disbelief in the holocaust is heresy, there is just no need to present evidence that the holocaust of the godlike jew happened. As with faith in Christ: Just believe. I must conclude then that the holocaust is a religion. Just as there is no proof of a historical jesus, we believe in blind faith alone, there is no proof of a holocaust of jews during WWII.

I refuse to bow to the jews. I refuse to recognize the jews as an eternally innocent party. I refuse to recognize the jews as a "Chosen People".

This is heresy. I have no reason to believe the jew ever told the truth, while young men are being blown up to protect Israel and bourse of jewish war profiteers under the guise of "making the world safe for democracy".

That these chosen kikes even exist, and they live richer then the American peasantry, is testament to the holocaust being a lie.

At 06 February, 2007 08:51, Blogger Der Bruno Stroszek said...

Keep on going, John. Even the best of us couldn't discredit your movement more effectively than you do every time you open your mouth.

At 06 February, 2007 15:23, Blogger shawn said...

John, I wish I was still a religious person because I'd sleep well knowing that folks like you would burn in a lake of fire forever.

At 06 February, 2007 16:55, Blogger John Samhain said...

If you believe in the holocaust you are a religious person.

I'm not knocking Christians. But for most religious people these days, including "judeochristians" and "Secular humanists" (judeohumanists) the jews have replaced Jesus Christ. It's a new covenant.

It's not just me, it's Old school Christians who follow that ancient "anti-semite" by the name of Jesus, and his "anti-semitic" apostle Paul and, because of their "evil" and "bigotry" do not follow the brand-new replacement testament of the Holocaust and 9/11, and Zionist corporate takeover: we are all going to burn in hell for not following the 3 million or so living messiahs who deliver unto us to devine interest rates and 99 year leases.

I reject the Messiahs. I reject Ariel Sharon, Paul Wolfowitz, and Michael Chertoff, I reject Shabbos goyim Noachides such as Bush, so does any true Christian.

At 06 February, 2007 19:06, Blogger Alex said...

Yeah, that's right John. I pray to Jews every day and ask them to forgive my sins. It's amazing how clearly you understand us. You are a true visionary. I wish we could all be as educated as you are.


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