Monday, December 10, 2007

Yet Another 9/11 Confession

These happen so often that they don't even bother to post anymore on 911 Blogger about how he was tortured to say this.

GUANTANAMO BAY NAVAL BASE, Cuba — A Yemeni admitted he was a driver for Usama bin Laden and knew of the Al Qaeda leader's role in the Sept. 11 attack, an FBI agent testified Thursday, countering defense assertions that the detainee was a minor employee with no role in terrorism.

Salim Ahmed Hamdan told FBI agents that he had chauffeured bin Laden around Afghanistan in an Al Qaeda convoy after Sept. 11 and overheard the leader say he had expected only up to 1,500 people to be killed in the attack, Special Agent George Crouch said.

"When Usama bin Laden learned it was much larger than that he was very pleased," Crouch recalled Hamdan telling him and two other FBI agents during one of a dozen interrogation sessions at Guantanamo in the summer of 2002.

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