Saturday, February 09, 2008

Richard Gage is a Big Fat Idiot

Richard Gage continously shows how he isn't qualified to design a Dairy Queen. Here is in a radio appearance with Steven Jones:

In the case of the twin towers, what you have is the 20 stories in the north tower falling, not down from the point of impact but collapsing in on itself. That is to say, the explosions are going from the point of impact up. And that mass is reduced in the first second or two to half its mass, and two seconds later it’s completely destroyed. After that, after four seconds all you have is the building tearing itself apart at free falls speed. There is no pile driver, whatsoever. The building is creating this incredible mushroom cloud, an extremely explosive event where all of the columns and beams are hurled outward at 50 MPH impaling themselves in buildings up to 500 feet away, and all the windows are broken within a 400 foot radius of the building. This is an incredibly explosive, energetic event, the ends of these beams are dripping with molten metal as seen by the iron workers.

He has made claims before that windows were blown out, but this is the first time he has claimed that all the windows were blown out. Oddly enough, they usually claim that WTC7, which was only 300 feet away, was virtually undamaged by the collapse. They even claim that the fires were not hot enough to break the windows. Well of course not, they were all blown out first by the explosions in the north tower!

This bizarre claim is clearly not true, just take a look at the World Financial Center, which were even closer to the north tower, being directly across the street, where all the windows at the top (near the alleged explosions) are intact, only the windows at the bottom which were hit by falling debris are damaged. Here is WFC3:

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