Friday, April 11, 2008

Screw Loose Change On Calgary Radio

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I will be on the radio again with my old buddy Rob Breakenridge tonight at 7:00 PM Pacific Time, 10:00 Eastern, to discuss Jesse Ventura's conversion to Trooferism and the ongoing disintegration of the movement. I've been on something like 20 talk shows so far, and Rob is by far the most knowledgeable host that I've discussed the "Truthers" with.

In fact, Rob recently wrote a blog post that I highly recommend about Ventura's appearance on Hannity & Colmes. It attracted the attention of Alex Jones' junior flunky, Paul Watson, so there are around 100 comments from the fruitcakes on that post. Bring your shotgun; plenty of fish in the barrel there.

For those not lucky enough to live in the frozen tundra of Calgary, you can listen to the show here. We will be taking calls after the introductory segment, and Truthers (and Jesse in particular) are specifically invited to call in and challenge Rob and me on any points you like. The call in numbers are 403-974-8255 or toll free, 800-563-7770.

Update: As always when I'm on a radio show, the time seemed to fly by. Rob, as always, was well-prepared and we had a stimulating discussion with the callers, including our old buddy, Troy from WV.

One correction: As the first caller noted, I did blow a detail about Alex Jones. I stated that he believes that the New World Order wants to kill 80% of us so that there will be enough oil to go around. That's Peak Oil, which is believed in by Michael Ruppert. Alex Jones believes the New World Order wants to kill 80% of us because... well, I'm having a tough time figuring that out. It has something to do with enslaving the rest of us, so apparently the 80% who will die are the lucky ones.

Update II: Doh-P in the comments:

Pat why did you lie about the nasa temperatures and say they were up to 1300 degrees?

Cheney in the comments:

As much I think of pat as an idiot, I don't think he was lying. Its most likely he was refering to celcius, like most canadiens do, which is equilivent to almost 2400 degree fahrenheit which was the offical temperature of molton pool detected by nasa.

Here's the 9-11 Research page where you can see the following thermal image and the temperatures:

Wrong again, Doh-P!

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