Sunday, June 15, 2008

Meet the No-Planers

Which of these famed 9-11 researchers was mentioned in both David Ray Griffin's The New Pearl Harbor and Webster Tarpley's Synthetic Terror?

A. Steven Earl Jones
B. Richard Gage
C. Nico Haupt

The answer, of course is C, Nico Haupt. Haupt is credited with coining the most famous acronyms in 9-11 theories, LIHOP and MIHOP. Haupt is what we call around here a 0-Day "Truther" (that is to say that he suspected 9-11 was an inside job the day it happened), but unlike many others he immediately started organizing and researching.

There are not five people in the 9-11 "Truth" Movement who have been more significant than Nico Haupt. You can make an argument for David Ray Griffin, but Griffin is not a researcher. He synthesizes the work of others. Maybe Thierry Meyssan, who was the man who showed the Troofers a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Certainly not Eric Hufschmid, even though Hufschmid was the first to market a book and a movie on the conspiracy theory in the United States.

Haupt is, of course, a thorough madman as even his supporters acknowledge.

For the record, in my opinion, Nico Haupt is neither a flake, nor a neo-phyte, simply a stark raving madman and idiot savant researcher extraordinaire.

This is not exceptional in a movement that includes Uncle Fetzer as an elder statesman, Alex Jones as its most prominent face, Charlie Sheen as its big celebrity and Luke Rudkowski as a young superstar.

So why is Haupt on the outs with much of the movement he helped to found? Well, as I have pointed out in the past, it is the nature of the 9-11 "Truth" movement that it dissolves into factions over time. Haupt has come to represent what many feel is the most extreme faction of the 9-11 Truth Movement: The No-Planers.

The No-Planers are dedicated to the proposition that planes were not used on 9-11. It's a ludicrous position, but as I have pointed out in the past, almost all flavors of 9-11 "Truth" boil down to denying the planes in one fashion or another. The No-Planers in this regard are at least more honest about it.

Anyway, the No-Planers make up a significant portion of many of the more famous and early researchers in the 9-11 "Truth" Movement:

Nico Haupt
Gerard Holmgren
Rosalee Grable aka the Web Fairy

All of those names were prominent in the 9-11 "Truth" movement in its early years. One of the more amusing parts of watching the "Truthers" over the last few years is seeing what happens when a prominent person in the movement like Jim Fetzer or Judy Wood or Morgan Reynolds or David Shayler has suddenly gone "No-Planer". At first the assumption is that they just suddenly went insane (nope, they were marked as insane the moment they became "Truthers"). But then the more interesting and paranoid explanation emerged; that they were cointelpro operatives, hired by the government and seeking to discredit the movement.

Of course, this is absurd; if Nico Haupt is a government agent, then I'm a Playboy bunny. Haupt and his fellow no-planers are just like every other segment of the "Truth" movement, convinced that they and they alone have the evidence to prove 9-11 was an inside job, and that every other group is leading the movement astray. As we shall see when we talk about the CIT guys, or the Directed Energy Weapons folks.

Here's Dylan and Nico arguing at Ground Zero on the Sixth Anniversary:

There are a couple of "No-Planer" videos that I will be discussing over the next couple of weeks:

1. September Clues
2. 9/11 Octopus
3. 9-11 Taboo

If anybody knows of any more of these films, please let me know in the comments. Also, any other researchers whose work I should be aware of. I know about Morgan Reynolds and Rick Rajter.

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