Monday, October 13, 2008

David Ray Griffin, Paul Krugman and Screw Loose Change

Economist Paul Krugman, who won a Nobel Prize today, and our humble blog have more of a connection than just the fact that he was prominently cited in the preface to David Ray Griffin's new book (as well as last week's debate with Matt Taibbi). A Krugman article on the 2000 and 2004 election was how Pat and I first worked together in the blogging sense when I posted on it on my Chief Brief blog, and then Pat followed soon afterward with another part of the story on his Brainster blog. The story ended up actually requiring Krugman to run not one, but three different corrections, and got the both of us a mention in a book on blogging called Watching the Watchdog by Marshall University professor of Communications Stephen Cooper.

So congrats to Krugman, at least as far as his work on trade theory in the 80's goes, I will leave the subject of his columns in the New York Times to my other blog, and congrats to us for having succesfully debunked a Nobel Prize winner, and no, sorry troofers, I am not talking about David Ray Griffin.


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