Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Year of 9-11 Troof: October

Dang, I can't believe how long these posts are taking me to compile, but I've got to get through it, and the Troofers aren't doing a ton of interesting stuff anyway.

Uncle Fetzer signed onto a letter written by a bunch of Holocaust Deniers in which they protested the deportation from England of an Austrian Holocaust Denier to face charges in Germany.

David Ray Griffin's trip to Japan raised some eyebrows when it was learned that he was scheduled to appear on stage with several well-known anti-Semites.

Alex Jones accused James and I of coordinating efforts with the no-planers. As James pointed out, we can't even coordinate our own efforts, and anyway Nico is impossible to get ahold of when you need him.

Jeff (Crazy Canuck) Hill became yet the latest troofer busted and the latest candidate for the Willie Nelson stoner lineup.

David Ray Griffin started to attract negative attention in Troofer circles as he led off a debate with Matt Taibbi by citing his much-cherished "voice-morphed phone calls" claims. Of course, Troofers being congenitally paranoid, whispers almost immediately started that Grifter was actually a disinformation plant.