Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rep Tries to Rescue W-Rod

Over at 9-11 Flogger (no link), Reprehensor attempts to claim that Rodriguez' testimony to the 9-11 Commission actually comports with his current version of events.

Clearly, Rodriguez was indeed talking about "explosions" from the very start.

It ain't going to fly. From the notes:

"Rodriguez said on September 11, 2001 he reported late to work which was unusual for him. He said he was in the B1 sublevel ABM office speaking to Anthony Saltamachia when the plane struck the North Tower (WTC 1). He immediately thought the explosion was caused by a generator. Shortly after the first explosion a second explosion rocked the building and caused the office's false ceiling to collapse. Following these explosions Felipe David, who was severely burned, ran into the office. Rodriguez said there was a third explosion and he believed then the explosions were caused by an earthquake."

Sequence of events then:

1. Plane hits tower.
2. Explosion.

Sequence of events now:
1. Explosion.
2. Plane hits tower.


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