Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Alex Jones Sues One of His Fans

This is indeed hilarious. Alex constantly begs people on the radio show to circulate his videos. He's been pushing for people to come up with a different type of YouTube site because he claims YouTube censors his videos. And what does he do when one of his fans (a former moderator at the Prison Planet Forums) takes him up on his request?

He calls in the lawyers.

LIE: Alex has always said on air PLEASE POST MY VIDEOS AND DOCUMENTARIES EVERYWHERE, make copies, give them away spread my message ..and that's what we were doing , Of course we had advertising space available on the site to try to help supplement the cost of the site and pay for the server bill (JUST AS YOUR VIDEOS ARE ALL OVER YOU TUBE AND THEY SELL ADVERTISING..WHATS THE DIFFERENCE??? YOU DONT GET ANY CUT FROM YOUTUBES ADVERTISING DO YA??), we have never even broken even and remain dipping into our savings to run the website, But thats not good enough ..It seems that Mr. and Mrs Jones Would begrudge us selling ad space in order to pay for the website because they were not getting a CUT of the money??

You mean to tell me it's all about the Benjamins with the Profit of Doom? I'm shocked, shocked I tell you!

I also love that his lawyer's name is Christopher Gonzales. I wonder if he's one of the Mexican-Americans who Alex claims is just waiting for the word before killing all us gringos.

Hat Tip: Patrick from Cincinnati in the comments.

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