Sunday, July 05, 2009

AE911 Truth Still Begging for Money

After their astounding success in San Francisco, in which they received less interest than one of those carpet cleaning booths at the state fair, they are now off to DC.

We must have an average of $35/month per member to realize our goals toward the awakening of the A/E profession and a real WTC investigation. Where do you fit into the picture? $10/mo? $100/mo? or more? Please find your giving level and claim it! Don’t keep us crawling toward the finish line of a real investigation when we can run in triumphantly and seize it. We travel every other weekend to cities across the US, Canada, Europe. Before this year is out, we will have traveled to Australia, New Zealand, and Japan for a 12-city AE911Truth speaking tour of these countries. The work never stops and, as you know, neither do we.

What is this "we"? I have been following the "truth" movement for longer than this group has even been around, and I can't name a single member of the group that has ever spoken in public other than Gage. And they claim the support of over 700 architects and engineers alone. At $35 a month that would be nearly $300,000 a year. Guess Rich likes flying first class.