Saturday, July 04, 2009

Get Bishop Bob Bowman for Your Event!

He's got a new webpage with details:

(Individual events are those where Dr. Bowman has to fly from wherever he is to the site of the event. Sponsors of such events are expected to pay all travel expenses plus a donation to the Patriots. If the event is set up directly through The Patriots, we normally request $3,000. If set up through a speakers’ agent, the cost may be more like $15,000, depending on the agent. Dr. Bowman’s policy is that we try to never let lack of money prevent a community from hearing Dr. Bowman’s message. Still, the cost can be daunting.)

No fooling! Fortunately if Dr Bowman is on one of his many tours, you can get him for as little as $1,000. Be sure to pick the right-size venue:

Sponsoring organizations should figure out how many people they can attract to the event and together calculate how large a venue is needed (50 seats, 200 seats, 1,500 seats, ??) and how to sell tickets in advance. (Generally, selling tickets for $10 or $20 results in MUCH larger crowds than making the event free. Often people figure that if an event is free, that’s what it’s worth, unless they’ve heard Dr Bowman before.)

Yep, you might need room for even more than 1,500 seats, you never know.