Sunday, August 23, 2009

Truth Movement Held Hostage: Day 3

As predicted here last week, NYC-CAN has not updated their website this weekend, despite a Friday deadline to file a rather extensive amount of paperwork relative to the proposed Troofer ballot initiative. In fact, despite the supposed urgent need for this issue to be on the ballot to answer the families' questions, there has been no update on 9-11 Flogger, Truth Action, Truth Move, or 9-11 Truth dot nutbar.

Crickets. So here's a question that I'm sure the families would like answered:

Why is NYC-CAN stonewalling on the current status of the ballot proposition?

And I can answer my own question. Like everything the Troofers have done, it was half-assed and fell into its own footprint at faster than freefall speed. They don't want to admit it, because it turned out to be a typical colossal failure.

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