Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Reflecting Pool

I was flipping through movies on Netflix the other day and was amused to come across the Truther movie The Reflecting Pool. What can I say? What a piece of crap! Where do these idiots get this? Bad acting and screenplay aside, I could write a better 9/11 conspiracy plot than this. They can't even get even get the most basic truther memes correct, not to mention the actual facts of the story. The most blatant example being regarding the Pentagon crash, where they have flight 77 circling the Pentagon like a Blue Angel on amphetamines.

Anyway, the thing I always find so amusing in these fictional accounts of 9/11 conspiracies (although at their heart, all of their accounts are fictional) is they have the diligent investigator running around doing real investigating, calling up government officials, talking to witnesses to events and such. Now why can't these idiots do this in real life? Aside from the inane antics of the CIT goofballs and Kevin Barrett's vacation in Morocco, none of them have even made the most basic attempt at investigation. Why won't they call up all the firefighters and ask them about explosives? Why haven't any of them talked to these hijackers who are still alive? Why haven't they talked to the soldiers who supposedly trained with the hijackers at DLI or lived next door to them in Pensacola?

Is this too much to expect?

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