Thursday, January 30, 2014

Basile Study Funded

Truther Mark Basile has been looking for $5000 in funding for a fully independent test of the WTC dust, and he has finally reached his goal.

We look forward to hearing the results.

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Among These New Year's Resolutions, The Truther One Almost Looks Sane

New York's Village Voice asked a bunch of semi-celebrities what they would do if they could make one change to the Big Apple. And among the ridiculous entries, the Truther one actually seems normal.  For example, Katie Roiphe, a writer, suggests a dauntingly large tax on incomes over $200,000.  That may strike some of you as reasonable, but look at what she wants to do with the money:

... which would pay for the following in public schools: orchids and other plants, lavish salad bars, state-of-the-art coffee machines and excellent strong coffee for teachers, bright new rugs, gleaming new science labs, pretty libraries with window seats and pillows, art from great artists for the hallways, stipends for writers and poets to come and give workshops, assistant teachers, costumes, computers, magic markers, glitter.
One cabaret singer spends her wish on cleaning up the ladies' room at Macy's:

You have never seen the kinds of crimes against humanity that people commit in a place that's supposed to bring joy to so many. It's unfathomable. It's horrific. It's cruel and unkind.
Actually at least three people focus their attention on creating more public toilets, which I confess never brought joy to me (although they do provide relief).

So by the time the Truther one comes along it fits right in the toilet:

Austin Farwell
Actor (The Long Ride Home); advocate for Rethink 9/11

I hope and pray daily that we as a nation recognize that forensic evidence exists proving that Building 7 was brought down in a controlled demolition. We at and the entire crew at Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth have been tirelessly pursuing recognition for our peer-reviewed critiques and experiments into how and why Building 7 (the third tower to fall at freefall speed on 9/11) fell the way it did. Our hope in another new year is that the American people receive a true and impartial investigation into the events of 9/11.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

9/11 Related Disability Fraud

Unfortunately Richard Gage isn't the only fraudster to make money off of 9/11.

More than 100 former New York City workers were charged Tuesday with faking psychological problems for insurance benefits. Prosecutors say the total bilked from Social Security disability insurance could reach $400 million, dating back to 1988.
According to the prosecution, Louis Hurtado was starring in instructional videos as a 6th-degree black belt, while telling the New York Police Department he was disabled with neck injuries and psychological problems.
He is accused of taking $470,000 over 24 years. Richard Cosentino allegedly received $207,000 while claiming he was too depressed to go outside after the attacks on 9/11. Glenn Lieberman received $174,000. He was also too depressed to go outside. "
As a New Yorker, as a U.S. citizen, I can only express disgust at the actions of the individuals involved in this scheme," said New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton.
More than half of these cases came from those claiming the events of 9/11 left them unfit to work.