Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Substitute Teacher Troofer

A reader points me to this strange, but unfortunately not unexpected, story. Thinking back to the quality of teachers I had as substitute teachers when I was a kid, it is not really a surprise.

A student at a public, taxpayer-funded high school in Michigan clandestinely filmed a substitute teacher preaching crazy conspiracy theories in front of a high school physics class last month.
Sources who wish to remain anonymous for fear of retribution from school officials have told The Daily Caller that the incident occurred on Jan. 16 at Grosse Pointe North High School in a ritzy suburb of Detroit, Mich. They say the substitute teacher is Jason Glicker.
It is too bad. I really did like Grosse Point Blank.

“The ISI is funded indirectly by the CIA so, whether they knew it or not, they were funding the terrorists,” he explains. Then: “One of the hijackers, Mohamed Atta, he was not a Muslim extremist because, (a) He’d been living here for years. He had an American girlfriend. He was supposedly addicted to cocaine.”
Glicker argues that Atta was “not a Muslim extremist” because “if you’re a Muslim fundamentalist, you know, you would stick to, you know, the laws of Islam.”
Next, a confused student asks why the September 11 terrorists killed themselves?
“That’s where it gets weird,” the physics sub cheerfully responds. “That’s where I think it’s somewhere along the lines of something like MKUltra where they’re, like, brainwashing these people.” The teacher does not specify who “they” is. However, he immediately goes on to claim that the CIA was responsible for the Jonestown Massacre, when 909 people drank poison on the orders of cult leader Jim Jones. He suggests that the incident was “probably just an offshoot of the MKUltra program.”

Thursday, February 06, 2014

NYCCAN'T Back for Another Bite at the (Big) Apple

Or should I say, another nibble at the wallets of their gullible supporters? NYCCAN was an effort back in 2009 to put a proposal for a new 9-11 Commission on the ballot in NYC. It was to feature a bunch of Truthers as commissioners, have subpoena authority, and be funded to the tune of $50 million by private donors. Stop laughing, they really thought they could raise $50 million somewhere.

Anyway, their plan was about 1/4 baked, and the NYC District Attorney's office threw the measure off the ballot because, among other things, some of the commissioners were not New York State residents and there was no real funding mechanism (the DA was not impressed with their pixie dust claim that they had private donors lined up). It was the pie-in-the-face ending that we had predicted all along.

They promised to return, and four and a half years later they have indeed resurfaced. This time they have a much narrower focus: Demand that the NYC Department of Buildings investigate all high-rise collapses from about 5:19PM to 5:21PM on 9-11-01. Of course that's not quite how they phrase it:

... investigate all high-rise building collapses that occur in the future and all high-rise building collapses that occurred on or after September 11, 2001. The provisions of the High-rise Safety Initiative exclude the collapse of WTC 1 and 2, but apply to any high-rise collapse that occurs in the future as well as the collapse of World Trade Center 7 on September 11, 2001.

But you can see that the net effect is to demand a new investigation of Building 7 and nothing else. They do have a funding mechanism, requiring a 0.9% surcharge on building permits over $1 million. They estimate they need $250,000 to get the measure on the ballot. This time they will use professional signature gatherers. So far they have raised about $3200, or about $500 a day; they will need to step that up about 2.5 times in order to reach their goal.

Not that they will, and even if they do, they'll be wiping pie off their face at the end of the road.

Hat Tip: Orphia Nay at JREF.

Monday, February 03, 2014

Kore Rowe is Mad We Aren't Paying Attention to Him

About a month ago I noticed over on JREF that Dylan Avery and Korey Rowe were on some sort of Loose Change Road Trip after years out of the conspiracy theory limelight, but as they hadn't actually done anything yet that I could discuss, and I had more important things to spend my time on, I passed on doing a post. Turns out Korey didn't like the lack of attention. From this post on the Loose Change Facebook account:

WHERE ARE YOU JREF? WHERE ARE YOU SLC? Not a word, not one single word. I've put it all out there, hid nothing. Addressed things I never should have addressed. So pick any two, any two of you worthless, spineless, yellow-bellied, keyboard disguised little sally boys, and bring your best info. Two people on either side, two cameras, two hours. Let's hash it out, in person. Lets give the masses what they want. I put my email, my personal phone number out there, I plastered the documents on every web surface I control. I have not heard form one of you little bitch pussies. WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU DONE FOR ANYONE BUT YOURSELF?! You make a living off of bullying other people, you are all worthless Americans and terrible human beings. You are what is wrong with this country. I sit here and wait, I wait for any single one of you to have the balls to actually call me, to actually email me. Go ahead, day or night. I'm right here, and as always, you don't fucking scare me. Never have, never will. Embrace no privacy! My life is an open book.

Korey Rowe
Uhh, sorry there guy. Got other things to worry about then search for you daily on the Internet to see if you have posted anything, considering the last Loose Change came out nearly 5 years ago.

Korey actually posts a bunch of personal documents, his discharge, DD-214, college transcript and diploma. Congratulations for graduating at least. Not much to say about that, although I am curious why it took him 10 years to get discharged as an E-3, but that is his problem.

I was a bit amused by the "You make a living off of bullying other people", part. Uhh, exactly how much money do you think we make occasionally writing for a free blog, which doesn't even have banner ads? I can guarantee you that I have never received a penny in remuneration for any of this. Not even a free New World Order t-shirt.

Truther Interrupts Super Bowl Press Conference

And no, it wasn't Pete Carroll. Surprised I missed this until now, given the wall to wall coverage we have been enjoying up here in Seattle.

Exit question, would he have tried this on Richard Sherman?