Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bits and Pieces

It's de minimus, but I can't help poking fun at the title of Jon Gold's post at 9-11flogger:

You Can’t Point A Finger At Saudi Arabia, And Not Have 5 Fingers Pointing Back To The U.S.

Yes, if you have seven fingers on that hand. Of course the classic quotation is that you can't point a finger at someone else and not have three fingers pointing back at you.

Fruitcake Fran Shure gets an overly credulous article published about her in the local shopper.  Love this intro:

Right after 9/11, I remember talking to my women’s group and saying I just don’t think this could have happened without someone knowing about it and allowing it to,” says Fran Shure. “It was totally intuitive, because I knew nothing.
 It's called Dunning-Kruger and it's nothing to be proud of, Fran.

Meanwhile, Tony Zamboni remembers seeing a documentary on the History Channel where Larry Silverstein admitted controlled demolition at WTC-7, and no, this is not the pull-it video:

Unlike other History series, "History's Business" episodes are not available to the public for purchase, nor can a complete listing of its past episodes be found on the Internet. In the interview we're searching for, Silverstein, whose Silverstein Properties owns WTC 7, was asked by the show's guest host, "What happened to 7?"

Silverstein's unforgettable reply: "Building 7 was a controlled demolition for safety reasons," according to an engineer who was watching the program that morning. Until that point, the engineer had been "perplexed as to why Building 7 had completely collapsed so quickly and so symmetrically." For that reason, Silverstein's answer is still emblazoned in his memory.
As you can see, AE 9-11 Troof takes this very seriously and is offering a $200 reward to anyone who can find the missing episode.  What a shame that VCRs weren't invented back in 2002 or 2003 or 2004 (years where Zamboni claims to remember the show). I'm going to take a wild guess that no tape will show up.  Indeed, the $200 reward would have to be increased to $2000 or more to make it worth somebody's time to dummy it up. 


At 18 February, 2015 11:44, Blogger Ian said...

Unrelated to 9/11, but I just had to post this here:

I know, the above isn't the usual stuff talked about on The Atheist Experience, but it's just so hilarious to hear another lunatic babble about Egyptian pyramid conspiracies and how a lot of architects and engineers agree with him. And of course, the answers from the hosts are the exact answers to give to our own babbling lunatic who has a list of architects and engineers that agree with him.

At 18 February, 2015 15:12, Blogger Grandmastershek said...

So now the CT nuts have 3 supposed reveals coming.

1. Putin's supposed satellite images.

2. Putin's UFO evidence.

3. Szamboti's imaginary TV episode.

At 18 February, 2015 17:31, Blogger Unknown said...

To be clear - one guy claims to have seen the History Channel guy...But nobody at the NY Times, Post, or the networks, Atlantic, or even Mad magazine saw this.

Nobody at Ground Zero remembers hearing this. Nobody at Ground Zero remembers being sent into a burning building with high explosives to demo the building for safety reasons...nobody...

Stupid people are stupid.

At 18 February, 2015 17:58, Blogger Grandmastershek said...

Well, in truther land that's tantamount to unquestionable fact. Finding the video and actually proving it exists is merely a formality among the "free thinkers".

At 18 February, 2015 18:32, Blogger Ian said...

"Building 7 was a controlled demolition for safety reasons,"

I'd like to know the logistics of how that worked. Seems rigging the building for demolition in the chaos of the WTC site would have been difficult. Maybe they just had B-2s drop laser-guided bombs on it? Or maybe a death ray beam from space?

Also, I guess we can throw out the hypothesis that WTC 7 was destroyed because it contained incriminating evidence against Enron. Jeff Skilling can breathe easy in his Park Avenue penthouse. The authorities will never catch him!

At 18 February, 2015 19:10, Blogger Grandmastershek said...

Reproduction of truther "logic".

Of course it's impossible to rig a burning building that quickly!

Therefore they rigged it way ahead of time!

Therefore they had to do it clandestinely!

Therefore they had to get by security!

Therefore Marvin Bush had to help them!

Therefore George Bush was behind 9/11!!!

At 19 February, 2015 09:59, Blogger Jon Gold said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 19 February, 2015 09:59, Blogger Jon Gold said...

I exaggerated the amount of fingers for a REASON. Many reasons as a matter of fact.

At 19 February, 2015 18:58, Blogger James B. said...

Yeah... sure Jon. I think you just saw the Princess Bride way too many times.

I can top that. I'll pay $1,000for the interview of Dick Cheney confessing on Mythbusters that he flew a cruise missile into the Pentagon.

At 19 February, 2015 19:21, Blogger Jon Gold said...

Everybody knows I don't believe that bullshit.

At 19 February, 2015 19:22, Blogger James B. said...


At 21 February, 2015 14:12, Blogger ConsDemo said...

I turned on O'Rielly last night to see his rebuttal to claims he was the "PX hero" of war reporting. Anyhow, he had Anthony Shaffer on his show as some supposed expert on opinions of active duty soldiers. I wonder if O'Rielly knows of all the kisses and hugs Shaffer gave the 9/11 twoof movement.

At 23 February, 2015 08:35, Blogger Unknown said...

When is Jon Gold gonna get a real job, support this country and stop being a lazy

At 23 February, 2015 09:09, Blogger Unknown said...

I exaggerated the amount of fingers for a REASON. Many reasons as a matter of fact.

Sure, and when you can prove that people have 7 fingers on each hand let us know. You are correct Jon, you exaggerate too much. Don't ya think that having a big mouth isn't worth it? One of these days someones just not gonna take your shit and lay you the fuck out.


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