Friday, April 03, 2015

Jonathan Kay on the Gold Show

Jonathan Kay appears on Jon Gold's tendentiously named "We Were Lied to About 9-11" podcast.

No surprises here; Gold does his usual schtick. We're just asking questions, we represent the family members, I invented the term "Truther" so I get to define what it means, blahblahblah. Never mind that the Truth Movement he belongs to has a membership of exactly one person (himself). And never mind that when you get right down to it he's every bit the kook that David Icke and Webster Tarpley are; he's just a little more skilled at doing the shuck and jive. Towards the end of the podcast he reiterates his claim to Matt Taibbi that elements of the US government had "more than earned the title of suspect" for the crimes of 9-11.

Screw Loose Change gets mentioned about 46 minutes in, and no surprise again, Jon lies about us, claiming that Troy from West Virginia was a "star poster" over here. Troy never posted here once; he was a commenter, which is a completely different thing. I did not approve of Troy's harassment of 9-11 Truthers.

Kay does a solid job of keeping on message. I do like that he agreed with Jon that the 28 redacted pages from the congressional enquiry should be released; so far I have heard almost nobody say otherwise. I did wince a bit at the part about the workers on the pile; Gold claimed that over 1000 of them have died which (no surprise) is bull.