Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Sad, Pathetic, Lonely Lives....

Obviously a cheerful article on the Truthers:

He sighed and said no one in his family shared his understanding of 9/11, nor did any of his friends. “I basically can’t talk about it.”
I asked what it’s like for him to be the only person he knows who thinks this way. He paused for a long time and began to tear up.
“I would say it’s really lonely.”
And Bob McIlvaine:

“It’s brutal. I will never volunteer to talk about it,” Mcllvaine said. “In my circles, people ignore it. It’s like I’m a leper. I don’t see many people anymore.” He says his wife supports him, but doesn’t want to talk about how Bobby died. She says it doesn’t matter, even if his theories are true, because it won’t bring her son back. “If she started talking about that she wouldn’t have any friends.”
Who wouldn't want to be a Truther?

 One item of interest:

 Near the end of our conversation, even Gage confessed he misses his life before 9/11 Truth.
“It is tiring after nine years, I have to say,” he said. “I am an architect, I’d rather be practicing architecture. I’ve been full time as a 9/11 Truth activist for five years and I’m looking forward to going back to architecture. I make more money, I have more fun.”
Italics added for emphasis.  Not sure if he's throwing in the towel or not; he goes on to say. "But the future of my country is at stake," which could certainly be interpreted as meaning that he can't give up the fight.