Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Scholars in the Crosshairs

I've listened to most of the Colmes/Fetzer show now, and I'm angry. Fetzer is a complete jerk. Loose Change is quiet right now, so I'm going to spend some time taking a closer look at the Scholars for 9-11 Truth. Anybody who can help out in any way would find their efforts greatly appreciated. Especially helpful would be transcriptions of Fetzer's appearances on radio shows; the nuttier the better. I am working on his appearance on Colmes yesterday; that's turning out to be a gold mine of disinformation.

Part of the reason the "Scholars" have been getting a reasonably free ride in the press is because of the innate credentialism of journalists. I'll admit, I thought they were mostly concentrating on the CD claims about 9-11, but Fetzer's a full-bore nut who even believes that Barbara Olson is alive.


At 28 June, 2006 12:27, Blogger apathoid said...

Pat, this may be insensitive to any Mormons that may read this blog. But I think this piece by Dr. Steven E. Jones just goes to show that he's gone against the grain before.
It also shows this isnt the first time he's drawn a conclusion and then found a few scraps of "evidence" to fit his conclusion.

This might not be what you were looking for, but I thought it interesting..

At 28 June, 2006 13:06, Blogger default.xbe said...

personally i wouldnt use someones religious beliefs to attempt to discredit them

but yeah, it does show how he reverses scientific method

At 28 June, 2006 13:16, Blogger JoanBasil said...

Religion is about faith. If you're a believer, you find it everywhere. I don't know how many times someone's said to me that there must be a God because everything in nature is so perfectly designed. ????? Its sort of like the theory here that there would have to be so many people involved in a government conspiracy and someone would have to talk.

At 28 June, 2006 13:24, Blogger Chad said...

What I find intersting Joan is the belief that you apparently hold that not ONE of the thousands upon thousands of people involved in a conspiracy of this magnitude would come forward.

Hell, we got whistleblowers with the Valerie Plame deal and that's small potatoes next to 9/11. Imagine the book deals and Lifetime movies to be thrust upon the person blowing the 9/11 cover-up wide open.

Yet they all remain mysteriously silent....

At 28 June, 2006 13:28, Blogger shawn said...

Its sort of like the theory here that there would have to be so many people involved in a government conspiracy and someone would have to talk.

No, believing in the conspiracy theories is like a religion. There's no evidence for them, you have to take them on blind faith. EVERY time you morons get it backwards.

Man, Orwell would hate to be alive and see you nuts.

At 28 June, 2006 13:32, Blogger apathoid said...

Religion is about faith. If you're a believer, you find it everywhere.

Its not so much about his faith(which I have no problem with), its his standard of "evidence" which I find dreadful.

At 28 June, 2006 13:48, Blogger Pat said...

Apathoid, James has linked that piece before. I'm a little uncomfortable with knocking work based on religion; I have several friends who are Mormons.

At 28 June, 2006 14:00, Blogger CHF said...

Can you imagine being part of a team that has these fuckwads as spokespeople?

At 28 June, 2006 14:11, Blogger apathoid said...

Pat, you're probably right and I'm sure there is something else thats a little more PC that we can hang him on.
I've been reading about how some of his cold fusion critics have raised doubts about experimental criteria that he and his colleagues' employed after they reported significant findings.
It just seems like the guy is a little wreckless with research.

At 28 June, 2006 14:16, Blogger ScottSl said...

Boy, Theres no question Fetzer just bombed the truth movement with that interview. LOL!

Over at 911blogger they seem to be in a panic and heated debate. Comments (480)

At 28 June, 2006 14:26, Blogger CHF said...

What's awsome about 9/11 CTers is that folks like us are free to debunk their bullshit for fun and at our own pace.

Why? Because when it comes to the public arena the CTers debunk themselves!

Put a mic in front of one of these loons and it doesn't take long for their professional/educated image to fall away and be replaced with CT nuttyness.

At 28 June, 2006 15:33, Blogger ScottSl said...

I love it when they get on TV. That's when they tend to make the biggest idiots out of themselves. Honestly I hope they get more airtime.

I'd love to see them interview people like BG, Nes, or Joan.

At 28 June, 2006 15:40, Blogger CHF said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 28 June, 2006 15:41, Blogger CHF said...

BG on TV?

Welcome back to CNN!

Mr. BG, why did the WTC collapse?

"I urge everyone to go to www.IhavenoideawhatIm It's all there man!"

Now, not a single structural engineer agrees with you, sir. Why is that?

"They're in on it."



BG, are you here to answer questions, or....

"Here's a link of Alex Jones! www.priso..."

etc etc.

Would make for pretty boring TV.

I prefer the great "scholars." They're a hoot.

At 28 June, 2006 15:44, Blogger default.xbe said...


would that be an incendiary hummingbird? lol

At 28 June, 2006 15:53, Blogger ScottSl said...

LOL!! I agree, sadly BG (who at least is somewhat polite) has turned into a spammer.
Sorry BG, but have you looked at your posts.

But what about Nes or Joans classic lines.

The fake bombers, or what was that line that Joan said about jumping out of the building with no inferno.

The hardcore truthers are just KILLING the movement and repeating the same debunked garbage..I love it.

No dead hijackers..."Carl cameron classified Jewish documents" "No photos.videos at the airport" FEMA said building 7 couldn't of come down from fires and damage.....etc etc

At 28 June, 2006 16:09, Blogger CHF said...

It also doesn't help that their spokespeople come across as raving lunatics.

That Fetzer nut is something else.

He sounded like he was high on speed.

At 28 June, 2006 16:19, Blogger ScottSl said...

One more interview like this and I think I would truely put Fetzer right around there with the "God hates fags" guy Fred Phelps.
I like what searcher said LOL!!

At 28 June, 2006 16:48, Blogger James B. said...

I have to give BG some credit, he is polite, if somewhat unresponsive to argument. At least he is honest enough to recognize Fetzer's behavior for what it is.

At 28 June, 2006 16:54, Blogger apathoid said...

I like what searcher said LOL!!

Miragememories(from LC thread)
Overall I thought it was a good interview.

Any time the word gets presented on national media it's a boost to it's credibility

A good interview?? Boost to its credibility?

Jim was absolutely wonderful

Jim may have gotten heated at a few points... but he was excellent

Keep up the good work Jim and Scholars et al!

Indeed, keep up the great work!! I couldnt agree more!
Some of these folks are seriously deluded(or demented... whichever)

At 28 June, 2006 20:53, Blogger James B. said...

If you read the comments on 9/11 blogger, they are actually quite hostile. Fetzer even responded in his defense.

"Jim Fetzer, has PROVEN himself incapable of intelligent discussion. I hope he doesnt do anymore mainstream media interviews to represent 9/11 truth, and they get somebody more competent."

"We are experts." What a tool.

Does he not hear himself? We got lucky that they only let him on for a second on TV.

Fetzer=the real "controlled demolition"

Crap- now we're back from commercial and talking about the bloody Pentagon!

I pray that 9/11 truthers are smart enough to abort this bozo.

Damn. Fetzer is too hysterical. He's rabid right now. too "authorititive" and "bossy" to the callers.

this is a blown opportunity.

Funny, I never have to worry about what subject Pat, or any other conspiracy skeptics will come up with.

At 29 June, 2006 08:32, Blogger apathoid said...

Fetzer=the real "controlled demolition"

Ha!! and his credibilty fell at freefall speed into its own footprint...

At 29 June, 2006 13:14, Blogger shawn said...

I pray that 9/11 truthers are smart enough to abort this bozo.

The day the "truthers" do something smart is the day I eat my hat.


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