Saturday, September 23, 2006

Looser Forum Post of the Day

Check out the disgusting way the Loosers respond to an NYPD officer whose sister died on 9-11.

Frank comes in and says his piece:

You kids make me sick. I was extremely close to the Twin Towers on Sep. 11th when this horrendous crime took place, and you honestly think OUR GOVERNMENT planned this attack? How dare you, you f*cking dolt.

I am digusted, my sister died on Sep. 11th. How dare you say that you speak for the families that lost loved ones that day. You are speaking for an idiot who honestly thinks our leaders, caused this. Read that line one more time. He thinks that OUR Government is responsible for the deaths on Sep. 11th.

You people who help this moron are pissing on the victums of that awful day. Good job.

Okay, that's a pretty tough post, pretty emotional. But does that excuse subhuman scum Roxdog, who responds:

Man, do you really expect people to take you seriously when you write sh*t like this? It's hard to feel sorry for such a freaking jerkoff. I understand your loss. But that doesn't excuse your sh*tty attitude or your complete and utter lack of depth. We are doing this because people like you don't have the balls to do it. YOU ARE P*SSING ON YOUR SISTERS GRAVE WHEN YOU POST BS LIKE THIS. YOU ARE P*SSING ON YOUR FELLOW POLICE MEN AND WOMEN WHO DIED FROM BOMBS PLACED INSIDE THE WTC WHEN YOU PASS JUDGEMENT ON US IN YOUR SLEEP.

Loose Change: Dedicated to the lives we lost on 9/11/01.


At 23 September, 2006 08:43, Blogger The Artistic Macrophage said...

Roxdog is a F&*King dreep, who is on the express train to hell with those comments. If there was ever a guy who deserved to have the crap beat out of him, it is him.


At 23 September, 2006 09:00, Blogger ScottSl said...

Wow!! Truely a horrible psychopath.

At 23 September, 2006 09:26, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's amazing how anonymous internet forums turn reasonable people into complete dirtbags.

Erm. Actually, scratch that part about "reasonable people." Forgot it was on the Loose Change forums...

At 23 September, 2006 22:08, Blogger 911 Mysteries said...

what you don't realize is half of the family members still say there are unanswered questions ... but i suppose they are "insulting" their dead family.

granted, this response was not appropriate. but saying the truthers, disrespect the family members is pure ignorance (or false propaganda) on your part.

At 23 September, 2006 22:11, Blogger 911 Mysteries said...

actually half the family members support a new investigation. some might be CTs. some might think there is (criminal) negligence involved. some might think it's incompentance that needs to be addressed by firing the appropriate people.

I would say you guys are disrespecting these family members.

At 23 September, 2006 22:36, Blogger MarkyX said...

Wow mysteries, I love how you twist our words.

You are the ones who reject the victims of Flight 77 and Flight 93, saying they don't exist or laugh at Mark Bingham's last words. You are the ones who laugh at the idea of boxcutters being used to hijacker a plane.

You are also the ones that are obstructing the 9/11 families from getting their questions answered. Instead of demanding the president to answer legit questions, Americans are currently circle jerking a theory on whether or not an incidenary never used in controlled demolition (cough, THERMITE) was used in the WTC.

I have been contacted by many family member, either by phone or email, and they dislike what the Jersey girls are doing AND what you guys are doing. Do not claim you speak for them, because you don't.


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