Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Danny Bonaduce Comments on John Conner

Danny Bonaduce has a great interview with Fox New's John Gibson. Hot Air has the audio. Conner actually comes on the air to talk with him towards the end. I am starting to like this guy.


At 19 December, 2006 11:01, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice to hear the FBI gave him some nice tips to get rid of these assholes.

At 19 December, 2006 11:17, Blogger MarkyX said...

maybe I should pretend to be a 12 year old and an American. The next threat I get would result in a police state brutality.

lol, I said police state.

At 19 December, 2006 11:21, Blogger Pat said...

I think Allah would change his mind about this being a PR stunt if he'd seen the other stuff that Connor has pulled, like the jaywalking stunt.

At 19 December, 2006 11:33, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think thats proof right there that the truther movement is dead.

Even the blogosphere doesn't know about it.

I have a few friends that are serious bloggers, mostly on middle east events, and when I tell them about the dreck that truthers spew, they can't even believe it.

Connor looks kind of normal in the DB video, so someone that has no idea what a whackjob he is would probably be suspicious of it being a prank.

If you have half of an inkling what a nut Connor is, then you get a real kick out of the video.

At 19 December, 2006 11:47, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Here, here!

John Conner is an "Op".

"Update: A source at Fox who would know tells me this is all legit. No cahoots whatsoever between Danny and Truther boy."

At 19 December, 2006 12:23, Blogger Scott said...

yeah, i've seen a couple episodes of Danny's "reality" show and thought he was a little out there, but I liked the way he put Conner in his place.

At 19 December, 2006 13:00, Blogger Pat said...

Conner's attitude is like it says at the Looser Forum; there's no such thing as bad publicity. He's gotten attention which obviously he loves. I thought it was unfortunate from our standpoint that he came off as reasonable--for example, not a no-planer at the Pentagon.

At 19 December, 2006 13:34, Blogger Alex said...

I love it when John Connor says "there are different lines of thought in the truth movement". In other words "there's different versions of our truth".

I also LOVE it when the host brings in the black helicopters :)

At 19 December, 2006 13:37, Blogger Lying_Dylan said...

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At 19 December, 2006 13:45, Blogger Yatesey said...

Let's start a betting pool:

How far into the future will truthers continue to cite Operation Northwoods?

Who's in?

At 19 December, 2006 14:33, Blogger What Would Grape Ape Do? said...

Everybody here will long have moved onto their careers as wormfood and the troothers will continue to cite Northwoods.

So, I'm out.

At 19 December, 2006 15:26, Blogger Scott McClare said...

BG said:

John Conner is an "Op".

Give it a rest. Behaving in ways that you don't personally approve of, is not evidence of someone being in the employment of the government.

Some people really are dim enough to discredit themselves and whatever movement they self-identify with.

At 19 December, 2006 16:13, Blogger telescopemerc said...

Give it a rest. Behaving in ways that you don't personally approve of, is not evidence of someone being in the employment of the government.

Some people really are dim enough to discredit themselves and whatever movement they self-identify with.

Moreover the 'op' claim allows CT'ers to consistantly ignore and evade the constant bad behavior of many of their bretheren. It is itellectual cowardice and shows that the CTs are unwilling to take any responsibility for the actions their nonsense leads to.

The only time I could really see anyone in the 'troother' side reigning anyone in was when Dylan told his cult to stop harassing the Naudet's lawyers. Of course, facing a possible racketeering charge might make anyone call out the stops.

At 19 December, 2006 16:15, Blogger CHF said...

At this point is there anyone in the twoof movement who ISN'T a disinfo agent?

Anyone at all???

At 19 December, 2006 17:05, Blogger Lying_Dylan said...

"when I told them you were writing to a 12 year old,THEY DIDNT CARE

This is in regardst to the death threats towards his daughter after the John Connor video hit youtube.

Hey BG this is the scum that you spoon with every night.


At 19 December, 2006 22:34, Blogger Pat said...

Yatesy, I actually took a look back at the Usenet forum alt.conspiracy a few months ago and Operation Northwoods was one of the very first things that 9-11 Deniers brought up--well before things like controlled demolition or no planes at the Pentagon.

At 21 December, 2006 17:07, Blogger Lying_Dylan said...

Danny was very well spoken in that audio clip.

I seriously dowbt that this was arranged in advance or a publicity stunt.

DB is doing alright and just joined the Adam Carolla show. My guess is that Adam's ratings blow so they brought in DB to boost ratings.

I think Danny's reaction was reasonable.


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