Monday, January 22, 2007

Dueling Letters to the Editor at the U of M

The University of Minnesota student newspaper published a pair of letters on the previously mentioned 9/11 conspiracy theory editorial. I love the juxaposition of "Fifth-year civil engineering student" with "self-employed".

9-11 is not a toy

When I read Adri Mehra's Thursday column, it reminded me of a column he had previously written that mentioned the U.S. government's involvement in 9-11. At the time I was unsure if he actually believed this himself.

It seemed more likely that it was simply an attempt, on his part, to attack his political enemies in the United States. The Bush administration perhaps?

After reading his latest column, I am starting to think that he might actually believe some of this stuff. While some of his explanations may make some sense to the average person, an engineer knows better. The following is not directed toward Mehra because he has already made up his mind and I doubt any amount of evidence will bring him back to reality. For the rest of you, I would like to point out that a Jenga tower does not have even one thing in common with the World Trade Center structures. His comparison, therefore, has no meaning whatsoever.

Second, the controlled demolition of a building takes months of planning - the building must be gutted, support columns must be partially cut, hundreds of charges must be carefully placed and miles of fuse must be laid. Finally, if there was any real evidence of the U.S. government's involvement, the Democrats surely would have used it to get rid of Bush a long time ago. Then again, maybe the Democrats were involved too.

Nick W. Pratt
Fifth-year civil engineering student

The truth about 9-11

It really doesn't take too much research to see the lies regarding 9-11. I started with a couple books by David Griffin and that was all I needed. Then I went to the Internet. Thank God for the Internet and the free press - without them we wouldn't know very much.

It's true the big media has also played a big role in the cover-up/propaganda, a very important part of the lie. If you can control what people think, you control a lot. This is what has happened. I believed CNN and all the rest at first, then I began reading books, not what was in the local paper. We do need a new, real investigation. The Kean/Hamilton Commission failed terribly. The WTC complex was blown up by controlled demolition that had been planned for years, most likely. There's plenty of proof of this. WTC 7, insider trading, Able Danger, NORAD has changed their timeline seven times.

What a bunch of bull-honk. And we're supposed to believe this nonsense? There was no 757 at the Pentagon or Shanksville. The biggest lie/hoax/fraud and cover-up of all time. This "war on terror" is also a complete fraud, based on the 9-11 myth.

I think the real terrorists wear business suits and decorated military uniforms. The big media/propaganda machine, or the few that control them, should be tried for treason.

Chris Noth



At 22 January, 2007 14:03, Blogger CHF said...

Gee, one's an engineer and the other "self-employed."

Didn't see that coming.

At 22 January, 2007 15:18, Blogger Richard said...

That about sums up the truth movement right there.

10 Talk out of your ass
20 Close ears and go "LA LA AL"
30 GOTO 10

At 22 January, 2007 15:44, Blogger shawn said...

I think the real terrorists wear business suits and decorated military uniforms.

What I wouldn't give to have five minutes alone (with my brass knuckles of course) with this guy.

At 22 January, 2007 18:40, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shawn, that idiot's problem is he can wear neither (business suits and decorated military uniforms) so he hates those who do.

Most CTers are pathetic losers. You get some actors and has been politicos in the mix but most of them scrape the bottom of the barrel.

At 23 January, 2007 15:51, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I started with a couple books by David Griffin and that was all I needed."

Just so everyone's clear (and I think everyone posting here is, even the kooks), David Ray Griffin is "a retired professor of philosophy of religion and theology".

That's like saying, "I did two push-ups and that was enough exercise for me."

"Then I went to the Internet."

"Then I did a sit-up."

At 23 January, 2007 15:52, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Forgot to add: "...and now I'm confident I can compete in the Olympics and win a gold medal."


At 23 January, 2007 19:44, Blogger Alex said...

Situps and pushups are at least a bit related to the olympics. This is more like saying "I drank two cups of coolaid, and that was enough for me. Then I went on the internet and found a way to make the coolaid more sugary. Now I'm ready to win the olympics!"


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