Monday, January 29, 2007

How To Win Friends and Influence People

I'd guess this guy hasn't read the book. He's upset that Daily Kos Diarists who post on 9-11 Denial get troll-rated and banned over there. But let's let him speak for himself, shall we?

I have even heard the buzz about your particular website, however, I never visited it until today after I heard of more blatant censorship there with regards to important 9-11 related information. I refer specifically to this article posted at

Telling somebody who's a big wheel in blogging that you haven't been to his site is not a good way to start. But Mike starts to redeem himself by standing up for Kos' property rights:

Certainly, you have the right to post what you like at your site.

You just know there's a butt-monkey coming, right?

However, at some point, and especially when sites become successful, as you boast about here, you have a duty to protect free speech on an open forum. Unless someone is "flaming" others or otherwise causing trouble, what makes you think that articulate sensible people shouldn't have the right to openly post a forum, which is there exactly for such purposes? You are exactly like those you pretend to loathe so much.

Telling folks they're just like the fascists works every time!

Especially considering the dire circumstances we find ourselves in here in America. When will people like you realize that everything that we despise about the Bush administration sprung forth from 9-11-01....none of it would have been possible if not for 9-11. And yet you continually keep the gate locked. You are either extremely naive, or part of a bought and paid for "controlled opposition".

Suggesting they're on the take will certainly make you new friends.

I urge you to begin by examining the issue of the 9-11 dust and then doing the right thing by giving this issue much needed exposure. Not one person in the country, not even Markos Moulitsas ZĂșniga, can point to this issue and shout "Conspiracy Theory!" This is conspiracy fact, all laid out in black and white, sometimes in the EPA's own words, and now, 5 1/2 years later, people are starting to die. I refer you to an article published just today in the New York Post.

The dust is a legitimate issue, but of course that's only the thin end of the wedgie that the Truthers have in mind for Kos.

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At 29 January, 2007 07:08, Blogger 911DD said...

I find it ironic that this guy is coming from Isn't that one of Truther sites that practices censorship as a religion?

At 29 January, 2007 07:20, Blogger CHF said...

Yeah most twoofer sites seem to be modelled on the USSR when it comes to tolerating opposing views.

Now compare that to this site or JREF. You have to basically issue death threats in order to get banned!

At 29 January, 2007 07:20, Blogger prince said...

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At 29 January, 2007 07:28, Blogger Alex said...

BG? Is that you?

At 29 January, 2007 10:09, Blogger Triterope said...

"How To Win Friends and Influence People"

On a side note, Dale Carnegie's less famous "How to Develop Self-Confidence And Influence People By Public Speaking" is a better book. Highly recommended to all.

At 29 January, 2007 15:55, Blogger shawn said...

Isn't Daily Kos the most visited blog? How has anyone on the interwebs not heard of it?

At 29 January, 2007 16:28, Blogger Cl1mh4224rd said...

Sounds like the guy may have heard of it, but never visited it. I've heard of it and maybe clicked on one or two links to articles on the site.

Mostly, though, I can sense the "bad vibes" from the context the link is provided in and I usually steer clear.

At 29 January, 2007 18:22, Blogger ConsDemo said...

Do these pathetic clowns have any shame? 911Blogger routinely bans not only dissenting commentary but dissenters themselves, yet the conspiratoids get huffy when another website bans their stupid commentary, that is rich!

This looks like a case of penis envy. According to this site, the DailyKos is one of the most heavily visited websites. No mention of 911Blogger.


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