Tuesday, February 20, 2007

More Loose Change Forum Idiocy

I am just now catching up on recent events. I was at the beach with the family for the weekend, so I haven't been posting. Many thanks to Pat for keeping up his prodigious work and keeping you all informed. I was reading through the idiocy over at the Loose Change Forum and came across these gems for you entertainment.

First, from a thread, rather optimistically titled, "The Bbc Hit Piece Was A Good Thing, For the 9/11 Truth Movement":

It was sloppy, it was unfair, it was baised, it was incorrect at times, but overall I think the BBC Hit Piece was a boost for our movement.

Many people in the UK have never even heard of Loose Change or Alex Jones or even the idea that some people don't buy the official story.

Sure, some will buy right into the movie's premise, that ALL conspiracy theories are wrong, and the official story must be the correct one. But MANY, especially those who are skeptical of the mainstream media anyway, will probably get online and start researching these things for themselves.

This is the same hilarious spin they put on the South Park episode. Yeah, OK, they spend the entire time saying you are idiots, but hey, all publicity is good publicity! Sorry guys, we are not laughing with you, we are laughing at you.

The second one is from a thread Dylan Avery started on a video clip of Mark Roberts AKA "Gravy" talking with Dan Wallace. Apparently Mark is a real jerk because he asked Dan whether he actually knows what is in the NIST report. One poster hilariously commented:

Gravy cant control himself clearly.He looks very hard though. Im guessing ex military, maybe ex special forces....

Unconfirmed photograph of Mark Roberts in a previous job.



At 20 February, 2007 17:46, Blogger shawn said...

What a suprise - some of us get upset when people continue to tell lies.

At 20 February, 2007 19:09, Blogger CHF said...

I believe it's called "desperation."

A BBC program shows the twoofers as the mental cases that they are and it's "good for the movement."

Sort of like how calling twoofers "retards" is "impartial" I guess.

And yes - Mark Roberts is indeed ex-special forces. In fact, I was in his West Point class in 1983 and we served together in Panama back in 89. In fact it was our unit that blared rock music outside Noriega's place.

There - that should keep our little retard Dylan busy for a while.

Hey, maybe my amazing info will make it into LCFC!

At 20 February, 2007 19:47, Blogger Bill said...

They'll probably save it for LCFC-FCFRR*

*Final Cut For Really Reals

At 21 February, 2007 00:36, Blogger The Girl in Grey said...

We actually have plenty of nutcases of our own over here. Like the bloke who thinks 7/7 was a ritual murder by the evil alien Lizard-kings who really rule the world.

At 21 February, 2007 04:05, Blogger James said...


Yeah he's a loon.

At 21 February, 2007 15:05, Blogger shawn said...

Icke is the greatest loon on the planet, whenever his books come through the store I have to read them.

At 21 February, 2007 20:00, Blogger The Artistic Macrophage said...

actually, if you remove the beard, it might actually be Mark...lol


At 22 February, 2007 00:22, Blogger Der Bruno Stroszek said...

I agree about Icke. Even Alex Jones thinks he's too wacky, and when Alex Jones thinks you're crazy, you are officially crazier than a collaboration between Patsy Cline and Gnarls Barkley at the Crazy County Crazydome.


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