Wednesday, May 16, 2007

"Todd Beamer is Alive"

I am on a truther mailing list, and one of their "research projects" lately has been to investigate all the people on board the 4 flights, because apparently they are all still alive and living on a trust fund in Bermuda. Mostly they just express shock that the passengers are not in the Social Security Death Index. Dealing with truthers is kind of like the movie "Groundhog Day". My only hope is these nutjobs don't call up some kid and start screaming at him that his dad is still alive and partying in up in the Carribean.

In any case, when I got an e-mail with the title, "Todd Beamer's wife told Larry King on CNN on 23 Aug 2002 that he is still alive.", I knew that they had reached a whole 'nother level of insulting. The e-mail came with a link to this forum, on a thread started by Killtown no less.

And true, one of the posts read verbatim:

Todd Beamer's wife told Larry King on CNN on 23 Aug 2002 that he is still alive.

OK, but here is where it is important to read things in context, a skill which truthers are apparently unfamiliar with. If you read the actual transcript for the show, available on CNN's website, this is what she actually said:

KING: So you feel Todd is somewhere now?

BEAMER: Absolutely. Todd is still alive. He is alive in a much different scenario than he was last year at this time, but...

KING: Watching you and the babies?

BEAMER: I don't know how much influence he has or knowledge he has of what goes on here. The Bible doesn't give us really a complete picture of the connection between Heaven and Earth. But I do know that he's experiencing the presence of God. And he is more alive now than he was before. And I'll join him some day.

Could these people get any more pathetic?


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