Thursday, July 05, 2007

Clunkity Clunk Theory Updated

Because I am somewhat of a masochist, I decided to listen to the second hour of "architect" Richard Gage's speech (there is actually one more after this) and came across this amazing bit. If you remember, last year we had Sophia's "clunkity clunk" theory, which won widespread accolades for the stupidest thing said by a conspiracy theorist over the year, now we have Gage's update of this theory, from 1:45 in:

Even if each floor took, like a second, there is a hundred and ten floors, and it took about a second per floor to go, kerchunk, kerchunk, kerchunk! You're going to have a hundred seconds in that case, which still has never happened in history. But on 9/11, well we'll say now what if it could? Well it would take at least a hundred seconds if the structural columns gave at least a second of resistance per floor.

He then goes on to compare the collapse to Jenga, thereby ripping off University of Minnesota drama major, Adri Mehra.


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