Thursday, July 05, 2007

Reports from the Philly Truther/Antiwar Convergence

Are starting to trickle in. It sounds like the typical radical stew:

I was amazed at the seemingly daylong protests in front of Independence Hall from a variety of different activist groups. Props to the Coalition to Free Mumia Abu Jamal, the Black Panthers, Free Tibet, and the 9/11 Truther/Ron Paul supporters who were laying it down.

It also sounds like a snoozefest:

The format could've used some tweaking. I mean, come on, how appealing does a 7 hour lecture sound on July 4? It was nice to hear from the delegates from the different activist groups, but the speeches should've been kept to the first few hours, with the second half actually being devoted toward the strategy session. And where was the ACTION? Sure, we didn't let the lack of an action plan stop us (see next bullet), but really now... it's time to stop bitching and start a revolution!

You know that the generation raised on video games is not going to find seven hours of speeches very entertaining, so they went out:

Essentially, the younger crowd got tired of the hours and hours of lectures (without a formal break!! ahhh!), so we decided to get out and make some waves. I do feel bad for the poor NBC reporter whose live shot we totally ruined. She was hott! But, she is lying corporate news reporter so she had it coming. It was really cool to have members of the major 9/11 youth groups (we are change nyc, philly, student scholars, and albany of course) working together and tearing sh*t up.

Hey, if she's a lying corporate news reporter, it's all right.

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