Sunday, July 08, 2007

Promoted from the Comments Section

Our buddy the Good Lt. did a marvelous fisking of a comment by one "Bubba" that I thought deserved more views, so I'm pulling it out of the comments section and posting it here. I will put the whole thing in quotes, with the Good Lt.'s in italics:

Normally, I'd just laugh and move on, but I'm in the mood for a good fisking. And Bubba is a very deserving koolaid drinker for this kind of thing. Enjoy, friends. hop in whenever so inclined.

Truthers are here to save this country from facism and dictatorship.

First off, learn to spell fascism correctly. Then learn what it actually is.

If this were a real dictatorship, you'd all have been rounded up and shot long ago. The mere fact that you're here posting and out protesting with your fifteen buddies is proof that you're living in a free, democratic society in which most people choose to laugh at you or ignore you. You're just a bunch of paranoid freaks with modems, delusions of grandeur, and bad cases of denial. Get over yourselves.

You need to learn that every foreign policy is about money.

You need to stop smoking pot and sleeping through history class.

Right now oil is the prize, securing fields and pipelines.

Why do we get most of our oil from Canada and South America, and why don't we get most of our oil from Iraq? Or Afghanistan? Pwn3d.

We want to steal their oil, plain and simple.

No, we don't. We'd have taken the oil fields and done that already. And gas prices would be lower. They're not, we haven't, and you've yet to make any kind of coherent sense. Are you twelve, by any chance?

The only thing getting in the way is public dissent.

Or the actual foreign policy that isn't all about "getting oil." Details.

How to get the public to go along with invasion?

They already did, and you had no effect on anyone's opinions but you're nutcase friends, who already agree with you - see Iraq, Afghanistan, 9-11-01, Islamic terror attacks that killed 3,000 people, etc. Cue "false flag" nuttery.

9/11 false flag event gives excuse for war and also scares Americans to pass Patriot Act which shreds our Constitution.

Cite the parts of the Patriot Act which have "shredded" the Constitution, and provide example which have directly affected you and have "violated your civil liberties." Cite when you have been thrown in jail in this fascist dictatorship which you currently reside.

It is the perfect crime.

Unfortunately, it wasn't. In your twisted world, the perps are still at large, and the real criminals (the Islamic nutjobs and throatcutter brigades that pull this kind of bunk all over the world on a daily basis) are getting the bum's rap. Bush is laughing with Cheney over the goblets of the blood of Arab children as we speak! O, the inhumanity!

Once you have a basic understanding of motive, then rest of the pieces come together.

That's why you seem to have a tenuous grasp on real life and have no idea what is actually happening the world at this moment, which you are quite clearly and hilariously are exhibiting to everyone here.

Government wants to own you and control you.

...unlike Twoofer ...morons, who in your case, have done a superb job of that already.

Then they can freely invade and steal without dissent

You just said a few lines back that dissent was the only thing preventing them from doing so. Which is it?

That means endless wars (occupations).

Or one justified war with two fronts that will be winding down within the next election cycle. That is how fascist dictators and terrorist supporting religious theocracies are deposed, as has always been so. If you need an example, Europe is not speaking German right now. The Iraqis are not being bulldozed into rape rooms and torture dungeons by their glorious leader, and women are not being stoned to death as a matter of national government policy. Al -Qaeda is not running Afghanistan, and you are still posting bullsh*t free of government intervention here in the land of the free.

Who's going to fight these wars?

Those who volunteer, of course. Choice is a wonderful thing, isn't it?

Your sons and daughters will be sent off to die to protect government contractors and corporations who are there to steal another countries resources.

Slurring the military, huh? We got ourselves a "patriot' here.

It's all about money people.

I thought you said it was about controlling dissent, controlling your thoughts and taking your civil liberties. You're all over the place, Bubs.

Everything else is a lie.

Everything? That sounds suspiciously like extreme, untempered hyperbole unsupported by any facts. Just like your entire submoronic brainf*rt.

Dylan Avery called. He has some DVDs to sell you. Bring money

Terrific job by the Good Lt.! Let me add here as I always do that those who compare this regime to fascism are not intending to exaggerate the crimes of the Bush Administration, or minimize those of the fascists. What they want to do, quite simply, is compare themselves to those few brave souls who stood up against fascism in the countries that actually endured those regimes:

Truthers are here to save this country from facism and dictatorship.

It is people in the armed forces in Afghanistan and Iraq who are doing that.