Thursday, July 05, 2007

More On the Holmgren Dustup

Here's Morgan Reynold's version of what happened:

Here is the background: Mr. Holmgren began "chewing" on my case in late '06 in email lists. I first became really aware of it in his big email on November 29 when he appointed me to his "dirty liars club" along with Jim Fetzer, Judy Wood and Steve Jones (do we get free beer?). I was a dirty liar because I was not pointing out Fetzer's blunders, braggadocio and falsehoods. Holmgren initially made no reference to my expression "no big Boeing" as the main problem, instead it was all about my alleged "dirty deal" with Fetzer, "All in the name of getting publicity." The alleged deal was "gutless," "two faced," and "hypocritical." If Mr. Holmgren believes there was a "deal," fine. I await his proof. He cannot prove his allegation since there was no deal.

BG pointed us to this rather oddball article which touches on Holmgren peripherally:

Have I mentioned, by the way, that the most verbally aggressive member of the holographic-airplanes team, Gerard Holmgren, just happens to be the brother of David Holmgren, who appears to be, for lack of a better description, Australia’s answer to Mike “Peak Oil” Ruppert. That’s probably just one of those wacky coincidences that we occasionally stumble upon while cruising down the Conspiracy Superhighway, so we probably shouldn’t attach too much significance to the fact that ‘Peak Oil’ seems to walk hand-in-hand with other forms of 9-11 disinformation.

I don't know if David and Gerard really are related, but the fact that Richard Heinberg, a 9-11 kook and Peak Oil advocate appears prominently on the former's page certainly suggests a link.

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