Tuesday, August 14, 2007

American Truth: Now 98% More Truthier!

I posted earlier about the fictional 9/11 truth novel "American Truth". Well after I posted I submitted some "corrections" to the author, since he has a page for that on his website (it was a small subset of the corrections he really needs to make), and had a polite e-mail exchange with the author, Nick Shelton. He even offered me a free copy of the book, which I declined. To my amusement though he is now busily trying to change the text of the book to try and skirt around his previous research issues:

The following adjustments make "The Facts" more accuate [sic]:

$124 Million
1st Paragraph, line 4 and 5 – delete last part of the sentence.The buildings were only worth $3.2 billion, but Silverstein insured the WTC buildings for $7 billion just in case. He later claimed nearly $5 billion….


1st Paragraph, line 3 and 4 – delete the entire last sentence…the brother of George W. Bush. The CEO of Securacom isWirt Walker, a cousin of Marvin and George W. Bush.


2nd paragraph, 2nd line - Delete “find and”“jet fuel, officials were able to find and identify all but…”


Last Paragraph, 1st Line – Replace “human bodies” to “delicate DNA materials”“According to this evidence, human bodies “delicate DNA materials” withstood the…”

$2.3 trillion

1st Sentence – Change the entire first sentence to: Amount of money that was reported missing from the U.S. military budget spending on September 10, 2001.Amount of money that was unaccounted for from U.S. military spending on September 10, 2001.