Monday, August 13, 2007

Conspiracy Theory Conference Notes

One of the attendees of the recent Madison conference (there weren't many apparently) posted his (rather bizarre) notes, along with comments from Kevin "stalker" Barrett. And Barrett actually has the temerity to write letters to the editor complaining that they are being depicted as paranoid idiots.

We’ve turned the chips over to someone else

I use my gray matter and figure out that 2+2 does NOT equal 5

OUTBREAK movie with Dustin Hoffman where he says, “I’m NOT moving!!!”

Thinks “flash and pods” extremely important in “9-11 RIPPLE EFFECT”

Joyce and he have had many attacks upon them for their courageous work to reveal profound injustices, most especially to the military and their families

Many pics simply not real

White phosphorous---white cloud

What role did planes play? Cover story: if planes hijacked, then they were the terrorists, etc.

Collusion or coincidence… Lasers may have controlled planes…

We are all choir members here at this conference

“LOOSE CHANGE I”---flash and pod

“LOOSE CHANGE II”---removed; efforts made to shut down certain types of topics

COINTELPRO went after him, Dave

THINK OUTSIDE THE CAGE!!! We here are pretty much MIHPS (Made it Happen) here

Update: If you are a real masochist, you can find MP3's of most of the presentations here.