Wednesday, August 08, 2007

And You Thought the Loose Change Forum Was Stupid

Then you ain't seen nothing yet. Check out this thread on the new Prisonplanet Forum. Mark Roberts asks Alex Jones why he said that he had never accused the FDNY of being in on 9/11, a perfectly reasonable question considering that Jones' website to this day features headlines like:

Silverstein, FDNY Decided to “Pull WTC 7”
“World Trade Center 7 Imploded by Silverstein, FDNY And Others”
Update: People Died in WTC 7: This Makes Silverstein and the FDNY Guilty of AT LEAST Manslaughter

Of course the conversation on the thread immediately turns into whether Roberts should be banned, or should they just delete the thread. This thread truly has to be seen to be believed.

I am reminded of medieval peasants, who when confronted with accusations of witchcraft, do not bother to establish whether there really are such a thing as a witches, but immediately jump to whether the witch should be burned or hung.

H/T The guys at JREF