Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Chomsky and the Left Gatekeepers

Is the subject of Stephen Lemons' latest post on the 9-11 Deniers.

Back to David Ray Griffin soon, but I wanted to make some points about so-called left gatekeepers, Noam Chomsky and whether or not the 9/11 "truth" movement is left-wing, right-wing or just plain crackpot. I personally tend to think the movement skews left and eventually explodes in a great big supernova of woo. Most of troofers I've encountered in person tend to be libs -- moon-howling, Bush-hating loony libs. They want Bush impeached and the troops home from Iraq yesterday. They think Cindy Sheehan walks on H2O, and are convinced that Bill O'Reilly's a giant turd who sits at the right hand of Satan. Well, they may be right about O'Reilly. I'll give 'em that one.

You know, I'm a conservative, but I can't stand O'Reilly either, except of course when he's bashing Jim Fetzer or Kevin Barrett.

Some excellent quotes in here from Mark (Gravy) Roberts as well, all written with Steve's humorous and biting style. Highly recommended!

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