Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Idaho Observer

I was listening to Kevin "The Holocaust is a Myth" Barrett's weekly RBN radio show, trying to figure out if it was worthy of a post. Let's see, Kevin threatens any journalist who makes fun of him with execution for treason (been there, done that), Kevin claims 100 million people in the US are on his side (yeah, right), Steven Jones calls in and says he is sending "solar cookers" to Arabs to apologize for the US being mean to them (silly). When I came across this mention of the newspaper "Idaho Observer" which he calls "a fantastic paper", however, I thought it deserved mentioning.

Barrett explains:

The Idaho Observer is right up there with the Rock Creek Free Press as what type of a newspaper this country needs. So I salute you guys and Don and everyone contributing to that great paper.

So what type of newspaper in his mind deserves those types of accolades? It must be some distinguished journalism indeed. Well, let's take a look.

Well, first of all, it appears to be full of Holocaust Deniers like Barrett himself. He should feel right at home:

The "Holocaust" lobby claims that, at the Wannsee Conference of Jan. 1942, the Nazis established the "final solution" for the Jewish problem was gassing them to death with Zyklon B, but these documents have proven to be a hoax and would be laughed out of any courtroom. The "final solution" always was for Jews to be forced to emigrate from Germany.

Then there is engineer Fred Leuchter, America’s foremost expert on executions, who took a team of investigators to Auschwitz in 1988 and concluded that, with no shadow of a doubt, there were no gas execution facilities operated by the Nazis at that facility.

For anyone not familiar with Holocaust denial Fred Leuchter is a complete fraud, although that does not stop him from being cited by anti-Semites and assorted nutjobs such as Eric Williams.

Of course, no conspiracy theory media source would be complete without the chemtrails, of which there are dozens of stories on this hoax.

On a personal note, I was much amused to see them promoting the Leo Wanta myth, the story that a former owner of a vending machine company from Wisconsin is owed $27.5 trillion by the US government. I have written extensively on this hoax over on my other blog.

So this is where he gets his information? That explains a lot.

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