Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Get Your No False Flag Card!

Yesterday I commented about how Kevin Barrett was calling up people telling them not to carry out attacks, now truther Alex Floum has taken this one step further on his George Washington blog.

So let's present a pledge card to every member of the military, law enforcement, and also politicians which says that they pledge:

- They will protect and defend the American people and the Constitution

- They will not themselves carry out a false flag attack

- They will not help others to carry out a false flag

- They will do everything in their power to stop others from conducting a false flag

I'll tell you what George, as soon as I stop laughing I will sign my pledge card. While I am at it, I will sign a pledge not to randomly kill house plants, litter, or support alien abductions in any way.
Update: I didn't notice at first, but Alex wants people to keep a list of those who refuse to sign:
Keep the cards that have been signed (we might use them to start a petition or otherwise compile them later).
And if they refuse to sign the pledge card, write down their name, so that we can compile a list of wise guys.
Ooh, I am glad I didn't refuse...