Friday, August 03, 2007

Shayler's "Son of God" Claim Swept Under the Rug

We talked about David Shayler's bizarre performance in Glastonbury, where he claimed to be the son of God. Well, as usual, the 9-11 "Truth" Movement is censoring speech it does not agree with. They will not release either MP3 or video versions of Shayler's crackpottery:

Our reasons for doing this are not to do with censorship, but rather out of respect to David and the causes he supports. It was clear to most of those present at the Symposium that, whatever the truth or otherwise of his claims, what was witnessed was the testimony of a man in deep personal trauma. We feel it is unfair that this performance should be shared widely at this time. It is also inevitable that David’s current crisis will be used by outsiders to discredit the good work he has done thus far in political truth arenas, and we want to limit the extent of such damage.

Just a reminder! Son of God Shayler is prominently featured in Alex Jones' mockumentary Terrorstorm.