Saturday, August 04, 2007

The American Troof

The Loose Change boys famously started making their film as a work of fiction. Many would argue that they were succcessful, but now a student by the name of Nick Shelton has written a fictional novel named American Truth about their hero who unveils the conspiracy behind 9/11. You can even read the first 100 pages on line, but you have to pay to see how it ends. After the first couple of pages it was going quite badly:

He tucked the knife into his pocket and again sprinted tothe exit. He ran into Robert Montgomery, his good friend who frequently collaborated with him on completing the Pentagon’smedia reports.

Robert began sniffing. “You smell that?”

“Yeah, what is it?” said Nathan, as he nearly tripped byrunning too fast down the stairs.


“Cordite? The stuff in explosives?”

“I’d know that smell anywhere--we used it in our explosives in the Gulf.”

For the last time, unless you are in the Pirates of the Carribean, cordite is not used in explosives!