Thursday, August 16, 2007

Why Do They Fight?

As usual, when you ask the Truthers why they're "fighting for 9-11 Truth", they never mention 9-11 itself; it's always about something else.

Peter: "For a lot of different reasons. Um, first of all for all the people that are dying right now...."

Amy: "I fight for 9-11 Truth because this event, our government has used it to justify two illegal and immoral wars, murder of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians, and our soldiers; along with that they have curtailed many of our civil liberties...."

Older Woman: "Well, for myself, I'm a peace activist, and it's absolutely the only way we're going to stop this war and all future wars..."

Older Man: "We need justice before we can have peace, and the 9-11 Truth Movement is all about justice."

Woman in sun hat: "I fight because I've come to the conclusion that if we create an awareness in this country of what 9-11 was not, we can get it back, you know that thing our forefathers created for us, I think it's pretty much gone, although we don't realize it."

Guy in black hat: "Uh, because I believe in my country, I believe America was founded by people who would not accept lies and oppression, and we have an obligation to stand up for that, and against tyranny."

It's never about 9-11; it's always about what has happened as a result of 9-11. You know, I might find these crackpots more credible if one of them said it was about the murder of 3000 people.

I will give the San Diego kooks credit for one thing; there certainly are a lot of them, and very few are the young jerks in blackshirts we see so much of elsewhere.