Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Troof Burn: Another Fiasco for the Kooks?

Sure sounds like it from the carefully worded note over at their blog:

We just got back from Burning Man with a very successful thermite demonstration at the Truth sign. There are many details still in need of attention, so please be patient. We do have some great video. We burned about 80 lbs of thermite altogether and Richard Gage, AIA, gave an excellent talk before the burn. Yarrow Mahko and ae911truth's Bill Donelley were also in attendance.

Okay, so the thermite demonstration was a success "at the Truth sign"? Don't you mean that the thermite was succesful in destroying the Truth sign?

80 pounds of thermite? To cut through those two small girders? Bwahahahaha! And yet they still have "details in need of attention"? Why do I suspect that the details include the lack of a collapse?


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