Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This Guy Has an Ego Bigger Than Texas

Steve Jones, posting over on 911 Blogger:

I think there is an opportunity here -- Congress charged NIST to determine "why and how" the Towers AND WTC 7 collapsed. If NIST and Congress will just do their jobs -- and we stand ready to help! (See, e.g., .) At the same time, we're not holding our breaths -- our independent investigation of the causes of the WTC destructions is proceeding quite well (thank you!).

Wow, you are ready to help. I am sure all of those Ivy League trained engineers are so desperate for the help of a bunch of people so pathetic that they had to start their own on-line website so they could claim they had their papers "published".

He continues:

There is more, of course. (For example, I made brief mention of "Speculating Hecklers" and while I was thinking of certain posters at JREF in particular when I did that slide, I did not mention any names... just a warning about such types.)

Who exactly needed "warning" and why? The conversations on JREF far surpass the intellectual level shown at your "journal" and there are probably more actual scientists involved.