Friday, February 29, 2008

Is the Tide Turning?

I talked about this yesterday in light of the heckling that a 9-11 Truther got at a Bill Clinton rally, and now I have a bit more evidence. For one of the very few times that I can recall, traffic has declined year over year at 9-11 Blogger. Here's a look at their Site Meter data for the last 13 months:

If we assume that they will get another 3,000 visitors today, that will put them at 188,500, about 12,000 under their total for February 2007, or a decline of 6%. But don't forget that because 2008 is a leap year, on a daily basis the decline is more like 9% (from 7,150 to 6,500). But even that doesn't tell the whole story.

Page views is an estimation of how many different pages your visitors look at, and is a common metric used by site owners to set their advertising rates. In February of 2007, 9-11 Blogger served up 546,000 pages. In February of 2008 they appear likely (assuming another 6,600 page views the rest of today) to serve up about 417,800 pages. That's about 19,500 page views per day last year, and about 14,400 page views daily this year, an eye-popping 26% decline. So not only have fewer people been checking in at 9-11 Blogger, but they have been reading a lot fewer pages than before.

There was a drop in visitors at 9-11 Blogger year over year in October 2007 versus October 2006, but that appears to have been a function of them getting some extraordinary traffic in the year earlier. Their traffic did show improvement on a year over year basis in September, November, December and January.

And it makes eminent sense that traffic should be declining now at 9-11 Blogger, just as it is (I am sure) declining at the websites pushing impeachment of Bush and Cheney. Now that the 2008 election season is fully underway, those two are less relevant, and the focus is shifting towards the future and the new candidates for the presidency.

We are seeing even greater declines in our own traffic and page views, but that does not concern us; we make nothing off this site and look at it as a resource for those battling against the 9-11 crackpots. If fewer people need our assistance in battling the kooks, that's a cause for celebration. :)