Thursday, February 28, 2008

BBC Reviews 9/11 Conspiracy Program

Based on complaints from truthers, the BBC conducted a review of the fairness of their 9/11 conspiracy television program. The committee found no problems with the episode:

In conclusion, the Committee did not uphold any of the complaints raised against the programme regarding issues of accuracy or impartiality. The Committee noted that the programme had presented some of the most well known theories in a fair and accurate manner, ensuring that the arguments had been articulated clearly. The choice of contributors was credible and appropriate including that of Mr Spotnitz, who provided a relevant contribution to the understanding of the nature and phenomenon of the conspiracy theory - the purpose of the programme. The Committee found that there was no evidence that the editorial independence of the BBC had been compromised.

Ironically, over on 911 Blogger they are complaining because some of their research was limited to calling the office of people involved and asking them if the story was true. The truthers felt this was not going far enough. Hello, that is more research than what the truthers do 99% of the time.