Thursday, March 20, 2008

More Ignorant Etho-Centric Troofers

Another bin Laden tape was released yesterday, and troofers, with their extensive experience in international affairs hanging out at the local IHOP, are protesting its validity:

Look who's back in time to celebrate easter and the 5th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.

It seems strange and suspicious that Bin Laden would resurface to bing up the Danish cartoon issue of 2005 so long after the whole thing has been forgotten by the rest of the world.

Of course by "forgotten by the rest of the world" he means, "Neither me nor my pothead friend Joe have heard about this for months. The part of the world that bin Laden cares about, however, has certainly not forgotten this.

From Thailand, March 13th:

It was an excited but peaceful crowd that gathered in Lumphini Park, Bangkok, early yesterday morning to protest the reprinting of the Danish Muhammad drawings and what they call ‘a second insult’ of the Prophet Muhammad. More than 600 Muslims walked from Lumphini Park to the grounds of the Danish embassy to raise their voices in asking the Thai Muslim community to condemn the reprinting of the drawings and boycott all Danish products.

From Senegal, March 13th:

Meanwhile, arguments over the way Islam is portrayed in the West continue to cause controversy within the Muslim world. In recent weeks, the republication of controversial political cartoons depicting Prophet Muhammad by Danish newspapers sparked protests in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Jordan, Thailand, Iran and Sudan.

Iran, March 12th:

Hundreds of angry students have staged a protest in front of the Danish embassy in Tehran to condemn the reprinting of cartoons deemed insulting to the Prophet Muhammad in Danish newspapers.

Some 300 foreign and Iranian students from Qom seminary schools chanted "Death to Denmark" and "Death to America", warning the Danes "not to follow the American anti-Islamic policy" and asking Islamic countries to boycott Danish products.

But because they have not heard about it in their mom's basement, apparently nobody in the world cares about this issue. Don't hold your breath waiting for his fellow troofers to correct him.