Wednesday, March 19, 2008

An Oldie but a Goodie

We don't hear much about Jim Fetzer anymore, in fact this video of him is from last September, but I kind of miss the crazy old bat and he is rather entertaining. Don't miss Justin Martell's fawning introduction of him towards the beginning, but for pure head-shaking bizarreness the part that stood out was 54 minutes in when he proclaimed the airlines were on the verge of exposing the plot.

If the airlines are forced into court, I submit to you they are going to speak the truth, they will confirm that none of those hijackers are on those planes, possibly that none of those flights even took place.

Yeah, because most corporations have no problem participating in the cover-up of the murder of thousands of people, including dozens of their own employees, and the destruction of hundreds of millions of dollars of their own property, not to mention the decimation of their industry, but don't hit them with a subpoena, because they will sing like a bird.

Update: The embed doesn't seem to be working, but here is the link.