Friday, May 02, 2008

Jason Drops Apology for Saying the Firefighters Were Paid Off

I didn't catch this when it happened, but Walter Ego put it in video form for us. It's the Alex Jones show from about two weeks ago, where Bermas was the guest in the studio. The caller starts out asking whether Jason, Korey and Dylan have ever apologized for accusing Bernard Brown of murdering his son. Jason tries to muddy the waters by saying that Dylan just blogged about the guy, but in fact it happened during an interview between Dylan and the Wing TV fruitcakes, and appeared in the famed Markyx production, 9-11 Deniers speak:

The Bernard Brown story begins at about 1:43 into that latter video. As you can see, Dylan says he "sent his son off to die", and certainly implies strongly that he was involved in the plot.

Well, Dylan has apologized on several occasions for the foolish things he's said in that interview and the one with Jack Blood, and my attitude with guys of that age is that they're going to make mistakes, if they apologize for it, fine, let's move on. But Jason appears to be trying to take back that apology. K, Jason doesn't speak for Dylan, but it's still a foolish thing to say. And then Jason caps it by reneging on his own apology for saying the firefighters were paid off.

Pardon me if I blink a few times in surprise. Was it only a year and a half ago that Jason issued a contrite-sounding apology for saying that?

I would just like to apologize for the comment I made to one Abby Scott on September 9th of this past year. I made the MISTAKE of saying that the firefighters were paid off, I did not mean this, and am convinced some sort of Jedi Mind trick was pulled on me. I was discussing how if you have a government job and want to keep it, aka Controlled Demolition Inc. you keep your mouth shut. It then moved to the firefighters and some how I said "The firefighters are paid off", and then cited how many of them discussed the bombs in the days after.

I DO NOT BELIEVE THE FIREFIGHTERS WERE PAID OFF! I hold them as heroes in the highest regard, and I truly believe that they were threatened in the aftermath of the event that not only traumatized a country, but still affect their lives deeply to this very day. Many of these men have families, and would do anything to keep them safe. I also believe many of them do not, and can not think the worst of their country. I know it was very difficult for me.

Well, I guess we know where we can cash Jason's future apologies: the bank of insufficient funds.

Hat Tip on the Alex Jones vid to Walter Ego. Doing a great job, Walter!

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