Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Safest Place to Be Today...

Is Seattle. Why? Because fruitloop supreme, numerolgist and anti-Zionist crusaderCaptain Eric May claims that a false-flag event is coming there and the Ronulans run with it:

Public conditioning of the Seattle public for another potential terrorist attack:
Over the past year, the local media has reported numerous potential terrorist attacks on the King County ferry system, which the honorable Captain Eric H. Mays (sic) listed the Pacific Northwest as one of the prime regions for the execution of another 911 style false flag terrorism event in his article for Global Research a few months ago. The Pacific Northwest is a target of the next 911 attack I believe because too many people are aware of the truth up here, and the VAST majority of the population possesses no firearms and the WTO riots that occurred back in 1999 were but a test to see how Seattlites would respond to martial law (turns out we roll over pretty easily) as opposed to the potential second civil war they know they could trigger by conducting a false flag attack in the heavily armed Bay Area: