Thursday, June 05, 2008

Troofer Wars

Make a post on 9/11 Blogger regarding a book which discussed the fires at the Pentagon, and you will get completely ignored, but post this, and you are guaranteed a response:

Apparently this summer, the BBC is releasing a documentary that is supposed to "debunk" the Controlled Demolition hypothesis. At the same time, NIST is supposed to release its final report with regard to WTC7.

I imagine that when this happens, the media is going to pounce on it, and proclaim that the "9/11 Truth Movement" is dead.

I can't help but notice that WTC7 is being promoted moreso than it ever has been before by this movement in recent months. As if that's the only thing we stand for.

I'm not going to lie and say I'm not concerned about this predicament because I am.

This is by Jon Gold, who of course is wedded to the David Ray Griffin scientific method, never propose a hypothesis, because then you could be proven wrong, "we are just asking questions".

Needless to say Mr. Gold receives a swift rebuke from a couple of his less reticent colleagues:

Hasn't WTC 7 always been pretty central in the movement?

Leave it to Gold to turn WTC-7 from our best, most shocking evidence to somethng to be avoided.

So why can't Gold include both the physical evidence along with his documentary, testimonial, circumstantial, historical, etc., evidence? The two are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they greatly complinent each other.

Along with the world's stupidest logic:

Here's plan B:

7 was demolished for "security reasons" (lol)and Al Qaeda somehow planted explosives in the Twin Towers.

We will be presented some patsies and be told to go back to sleep. It wont work. The story is quickly unraveling. And the PSYOP is wearing off.

Actually the fact that 9/11 Blogger is the truth movement's most active blog, and this is by far their most active thread recently, yet it has only received 42 comments, indicates the demise of the truth movement more than any NIST report.