Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Video Up

Of course, my memory was faulty; Johnson got about four sentences to my two, but I feel I got the better of it.

You may have to wait for the segment with the embedded player. I'm glad my point about people wasting their lives on this nonsense was included. If anybody can YouTube the segment it would be greatly appreciated, and I promise not to forget the hat tip!

Blair gets left on the cutting room floor, I suppose. Brandon Kline also asked me about the "Pull it" comment, to which I pointed out the absurdity of the Truthers who believe that people blurt out their involvement in mass murder on TV every day. He pointed out that the demolition companies don't use that term.

I closed by urging Blair to get himself a cheeseburger. I hope he takes the advice. If he's really lost 20 pounds then he needs to stop fasting because he does not have it to spare. That's actually scary territory.

Hat tip to commmenter Bard.