Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Move Along, Nothing to See Here

Elias Davidsson, who has been mentioned a lot by David Ray Griffin lately, publishes an article on 9/11 Blogger regarding how there is no evidence of hijackers on the 9/11 flights. Of course in typical troofer fashion, he then goes and lists all the evidence:

The 9/11Commission noted, for example, that a passport of one of the alleged hijackers was found near the World Trade Center where a ‘passer-by picked it up and gave it to a NYPD detective shortly before the ...towers collapsed.

The lack of falsifiability is, of course, a hallmark of troofer logic.

This allegation is perhaps the most offensive, because the "drops of blood" of all the passengers were found at the scene. This bizarre thing is, the exhibits of the Moussaoui trial, which he cites on several occasions in this essay, show pictures of the wreckage of UA 93, so he has to know that he is lying when he alleges that no wreckage was seen there.

A number of documents purporting to identify the suspects of flight UA93 were reportedly found at that flight’s crash site, though no aircraft wreckage was seen there and no drop of blood.

The author then has to come up with a plausible explanation for all this:

Some people may wonder why the U.S. government has not simply faked all necessary evidence, such as “authentic passenger lists”, fake testimonies and fake boarding passes, in order to prove its allegations. One can only conjecture why this has not been done. Perhaps the U.S. government found that involving a larger number of individuals in fraudulent activities by manufacturing fake evidence would be riskier than simply avoid mentioning these issues in the first place: Until now the U.S. government could rely on mass media to ask no questions about the lack of evidence.

Of course he is already alleging that hundreds of FBI agents and other officials are part of the scheme, not to mention all the journalists who did investigate the hijackers, including several who wrote books on them.