Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Traffic Numbers Continue to Decline at 9-11 Flogger

Maybe it's all the people that Reprehensor is banning, like yours truly, that is resulting in the steady drop in traffic that is obvious over there. I remarked a few months ago, that February 2008 was one of the first times that I can recall that traffic over there declined on a year over year basis. Well, it's become quite common. During March the sitemeter was disconnected for much of the month, but it was working again by the end of that month. In April, they had 194,000 visitors; that was off an incredible 125,000 visitors from the year earlier period, or a 39% decline. In May 2008 they had 190,000 visitors, off from the year earlier's 301,000 by 37%. June looks likely to be all the way down to 166,000, which would be the lowest month since July of 2006.

The tide is turning, folks!

Update: In answer to the questions in the comments, yes our traffic is off too. Basically our traffic has been somewhere between 1/5th and 1/6th of 9-11 Blogger's for the last year. But (as you may have noticed) we don't carry advertising, so our traffic decline doesn't cost any money. 9-11 Blogger has scads of advertising and I am sure their revenues are hurting. Nothing would make me happier than to see both our traffic and 9-11 Blogger's decline even further.